Viber’s support for COVID-19

Getting access to reliable and updated COVID-19 information is the most important thing for the people in Myanmar in the current situation to get rid of unwanted risks. Viber fully supports this for the people of Myanmar and there are some communities that are aiming to report reliable news and share knowledge in terms of prevention and cure.

(1) WHO Myanmar COVID 19 info helps people to fight misinformation and fake news about COVID-19 by partnering with WHO. It highlights the most commonly asked questions and the latest news related to the pandemic.

(2) Myanmar Red Cross Society provides medical care to people living in remote areas of Myanmar. Those who are interested in volunteering for such organizations can join and access information.

During these difficult times, all efforts are being made to protect families by prioritizing things that are important to us and the community we live in. To ensure Viber users have safe execution of daily errands, the app offers a plethora of features that can boost your performance. Photo Source

(3) Taking control of daily tasks is important when things are changing faster than expected. The pandemic and growing concern over health & safety have confined people of Myanmar at home, eventually compelling them to manage multiple priorities at once for both – personally and professionally. Understandably, streamlining important tasks up to a great extent can help in organizing a day effectively and also smear the fear of missing out on anything. To help people manage their day purposefully, technology-giant and Myanmar’s largest messaging app, Viber has an interesting feature called – My Notes that allows users to set reminders into the app, completely hassle-free. Effective use of My Notes can seamlessly enhance productivity at work and home.

(4) With Viber desktop features and robust group calls capabilities you can maximize your meeting time with colleagues that can help you connect with 30 people at once, allowing you to share screen, high-quality video, and resolution. It’s a magic feature for people working from home.

There is a paradigm shift in work culture, employees need a seamless transition from home to the office to the field—and they’ll need reliable, streamlined technology that allows them to keep working from wherever they can without a glitch. With Viber, a user is empowered with advanced features that are essential for the new working environment as well as has access to authentic sources of information leaving minimal scope for misinformation.