MPT Welcomes Myanmar New Year with Nationwide Donation Cherishing Local Cultures

MPT not only dedicated to Myanmar people but also value and embrace Myanmar tradition and supporting the special events in Myanmar.

In commemoration of coming Myanmar New Year Thingyan period, MPT donated MMK 55 million worth of basic food items, personal care products and cash to places in 35 geographical locations including home for aged, orphanages, monasteries, and nunneries and other much needed places across the country. Over 20,000 people have benefitted through this donation.

Image: MPT

MPT has been actively engaging in many CSR activities nationwide in the areas of education, healthcare, and entrepreneurship programs as three main pillars– especially for the youth, who will be the ones moving the country forward in the future.

For this year’s Myanmar New Year period, MPT celebrated it by making a nationwide series of charitable donations to mark the auspicious Thingyan period preserving the tradition and supporting its community as a way of paying respect and support to the people of Myanmar. On 5th and 6th of April, MPT provided support to 35 locations all over the country and the whole donation process has been carried out by MPT offices in each States and Regions.

Image: MPT

MPT is wishing to the people all over the country to have a peaceful and prosperous New Year. MPT also would like to express gratitude and appreciation towards customers across country who believe in us and support us in every way. We will continue our support in different sectors in the future and would like to encourage our valued customers to stay with us as we continue to move forward together with the community.

Image: MPT

More information about MPT’s CSR activities can be found at MPT official website and customers can reach out to 106 call center and chat with MPT’s Chatbot services at MPT4U App, Viber for the product and services.

The activities and related photos of the donation to monasteries, home for the ages, nunneries, orphanages, monastic education schools, hospitals and social organizations 5th and 6th of April 2023 can be seen in this article.