“LOVE & CARE” Social Benefits Program by SAMSUNG

Samsung Myanmar has started a social benefit program- “LOVE & CARE”.

Along with the title of ‘Built for Myanmar’, Samsung Myanmar is not only producing the most convenient and innovative technological products in Myanmar but also supporting children and people around the country who are needed help with Samsung Love & Care Program every year.

This year, Samsung Love & Care event is celebrated in YGW (Yellow Generation Wave) orphanage, located in Bago region, Kyauk Ta Ga township, near 89 miles 5 furlongs highway road with Samsung Galaxy members who are famous artists- Paying Takhon, G Fatt, May Toe Khine and supported by Samsung Myanmar members. Photo Source https://www.facebook.com/SamsungMyanmar

To build a two-story building for the children in the orphanage, Samsung donated MMK 180 lakh with Samsung’s products which are valued at more than MMK 150 lakh, and stationeries (more than MMK 300 lakh as in total).

Moreover, together with perform the activities of knowledge sharing and game-playing programs with donations of lunch to the children.

“Kindness, Sympathy, and Love are the most valuable things in the world and we are able to give these things in this today event of Samsung Love & Care program with the title of ‘Built for Myanmar’. Today is also a very meaningful day for us. Moreover, Samsung will keep making significant products and technologies for Myanmar people with social benefit activities like today” said by Managing Director of Samsung Myanmar- Mr. Harrison Song.

YGW (Yellow Generation Wave) youth charity organization starts established in 2012 and currently, over 20 orphanages had been built around in Myanmar.

Moreover, catering, education, blood donation, and free health care are provided for infants to 20 years old, as in a total of more than 650 orphans in the orphanage, near 89 miles 5 furlongs highway road where the Samsung Love & Care program is celebrated. Photo Source https://www.facebook.com/SamsungMyanmar

Samsung Love & Care program was started in 1995 with the aim of support to the society of low opportunity people in the Southeast Asia, Middle and South Pacific regions.

In Myanmar, Samsung Love & Care program get started in 2015 and gave support and shared knowledge to the monastic schools around the country, organizations for blinds and disabilities, and provided for the needs of students.

From now on, will keep providing with the aim of giving support to the people in the low opportunity society, students, and places where support are needed.