Use the “TuTu Chat” live chatbot functions through MPT Viber Community

Always striving to provide the most convenient and reliable/innovative services to its customers, MPT now added the chatbot services “TuTu Chat” to its Viber Community today.

With this new feature, Viber users can easily in touch with MPT’s products and services and make queries to MPT’s customer care team standing by to fulfill the requirements of our valued customers. Photo Source

This new feature will help customers purchase various kinds of data and voice packages and value-added services while providing access to the special offers, MPT Club, MPT promotions, and subscription, and un-subscription of VAS services at any time.

MPT believes in continuing its commitment of “Together with MPT” while keeping up together with the people of Myanmar and providing necessary telecommunications services for their daily requirements. Photo Source

MPT’s Live Chat Chatbot services named “TuTu Chat” was first introduced to the customers at MPT4U app, official webpage including IVR services since November 2021 and now the chatbot service for MPT Viber Community is introduced to provide even more convenient services to its customers.

MPT Viber Community is one of the most updated channels to MPT customers providing information about new products and services including special promotions on a daily basis to suit the requirements of the customers.