Unlimited transfer between CB Bank and other local banks via CBM Net

Customers can make unlimited transfers between CB Bank and other local banks via CBM Net.

To facilitate payment transfer between CB Bank and other local bank account customers, CB Bank has announced that it will continue to provide better services and has been providing services to all CB Bank branches as follows.

  1. Transfer money to any CB Bank branch accounts from various deposit accounts in other local banks.
  2. Deposit cash at CB Bank and transfer to other bank accounts.
  3. Deposit to other back accounts from CB Bank. Photo Source https://web.facebook.com/CBBankmyanmar/?ref=page_internal

CB Bank said there is no limited amount.

At present, more than 400 agents are operating normally and continuously across Myanmar.

The services available in CB Pay are as follows.

  • Transfer/withdraw money from one CB Pay Agent to another CB Pay Agent.
  • Transfer / Withdraw money from CB Bank branches to CB Pay Agents.
  • Transfer/withdraw money from CB Pay agents to CB Bank branches.
  • Deposit CB Bank Accounts with CB Pay Agents.

Customers can transfer up to 10 lakhs per transaction with CB Pay Agents. In addition, those who want to apply as a CB Pay Agents can now apply at the nearest branch of CB Bank.