Popular mobile phone application “ Lar Lar Kyi” for movie lovers ! !

Nowadays, many smartphone users become to use a mobile application to watch Myanmar and foreign movies at a cheap price.

It will be cost-saving and satisfied the users who enjoy the movies during leisure while at home and a convenient time.

                                 Photo Source- https://www.facebook.com/lalakyi4u/?epa=SEARCH_BOX

This mobile application is very convenient for users who would like to watch the old movies that they didn’t watch at the cinema in time because they can watch those old movies again by the application at leisure time.

Let me introduce a mobile application, ” LaLaKyi Mobile Application ” which was introduced on March 18, 2018.

                                                           Photo Source- Screenshot by Myanmar Tech Press

Firstly, it is necessary to install “LaLaKyi Application” in the play store, and you can access through Facebook or email address.

It could be used both Myanmar and English languages, then enjoy lives, monthly packages, package per movie and other packages also.

You can watch the movies and drama series also.

                                                              Photo Source- Screenshot by Myanmar Tech

You can read the brief scripts and movie trailers in advance by choosing a movie.

To watch the movies, the payment needs to be settled down by Payment Method voucher redeem or 5BB. The movies are able to enjoy by subscription also.

                                                                    Photo Source- Screenshot by Myanmar Tech

You can watch the movies at LaLakyi Website and Lalakyi Facebook Page has 400K Likes and 800 followers.

LalaKyi Facebook Page link is https://www.facebook.com/lalakyi4u/.

The website is https://www.lalakyi.com.

The application can be downloaded and installed via the following link: