Features included in the newly released realme 9 smartphone

Smartphone lovers will surely love the realme 9 smartphone, that was launched to the smartphone market recently. In view of the fact that it has a high contrast 90Hz Super AMOLED screen display to provide a high-resolution user experience when compared to the previous smartphones.

In actual fact, there are six main reasons why the realme 9 smartphone is popular.

(1) Professional 108MP Camera

(2) High contrast 90Hz Super AMOLED screen display

(3) High-performance Snapdragon680 Processor

(4) Massive 50000mAh battery

(5) 99mm body thick and

(6) Gradient design

Photo Source https://www.facebook.com/realmeMyanmar/

The realme 9 smartphone is covered with a dynamic 3D wave back created through the innovative Plasma Atom and UV-Nano functions. It is comfortable to use for its 178 grams of weight, and 7.99 mm of thickness. There is also one of the surprising features of the realme 9 smartphone.

The high contrast 90Hz Super AMOLED screen display of the realme 9 smartphone offers a comfortable viewing experience and the 360Hz touch sampling rates also provide a smooth touch experience. In addition, the realme 9 features a fingerprint scanner that activates faster than the usual push-button method.

The realme smartphone uses a 9-sum Pixel Binning system which used Nonapixel Plus Technology, providing a huge pixel light resource which is made up of 9 pixels to capture more light in low light. This results in better light and clearer images.

The realme 9 smartphone features superior autofocus. Users can use a single swipe to control zoom and focus. Plus, the 120-degree widescreen camera fits snugly into the frame and is really useful when shooting in tight spaces. Photo Source https://www.facebook.com/realmeMyanmar/

The realme 9 smartphone carries a 16MP HD camera with a variety of selfie features to capture great selfies. Powered by up to 2.4 GHz, the advanced 6nm Snapdragon 680 processor delivers high-performance to any app with excellent temperature control.

Users can also save a number of images, videos, and files for its 8GB RAM and 128GB Storage. With the RAM expansion technology in the realme 9 smartphones, users will be able to expand up to 5GB of Ram.  The smartphone price is mentioned as 539,9000 kyats.