OneKyat application is an online shopping application that has been using over one million users and car transactional sector has been added with the intention to reinforce.

As car and car-related accessories, the sector has further extended in addition to clothing, mobile phones, furniture and so on, various items can be bought, sold or exchanged from the single application.

 Moreover, it is a free application that does not need to pay any service charges and it is easy to use.


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As telecommunications and internet services have been rapidly improving in Myanmar, shopping at the supermarket as before has gradually changed to an online shopping system in various ways and there is a wide variety of choices on it.

In addition, different kinds of applications that sell services were to emerge in the Myanmar market.

”I’m very proud to be able to extend successfully the car transactional sector in addition to the various items such as clothing, fashion, phones, furniture, and estate transactions on our OneKyat application. I believe that this is the result of trying continuously for local young people, sellers or buyers to facilitate and raise the living standards like when I intended to write the application” said Ko Thiha Ye Tint, a chief operating officer and founder of OneKyat application.

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There are many users who buy or sell on OneKyat application and it is free to use and the users can buy, sell or exchange directly between them without overtaxing.

Because of these advantages, the costings will be more affordable for those who want to buy, sell or exchange by car transactional sector extension.

”It is found that most of today’s young people around our environment make a  transaction online. This will continue to improve more than before without stopping. So our application should always be innovated for the users to use more conveniently. On OneKyat application, a newly added car transactional sector has been designed to look for the details information for the buyers as well as to fill the full information easily for the sellers. Some features are added to be easier to buy, sell or exchange in car transactional sector of OneKyat application.


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Our OneKyat group members will continue to try for the users to be more convenient as well as we will keep our application to continue to stand as one of the best application in Myanmar online car transactional sector ” continued Ko Thiha Ye Tint, a chief operating officer and founder of OneKyat application.

OneKyat application was established as one of the local digital startups in Yangon in 2015 and it is one of the biggest online transaction platforms downloading over one million users for now in Myanmar.

OneKyat application account can be signed up by phone number or facebook account.

If you would like to find out more details, you can access the following link.

OneKyat application can be accessed on the following link to install.

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