APP ZONE by OOREDOO for downloading mobile apps

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Ooredoo Myanmar has developed an application named App Zone for Ooredoo sim card users to download free mobile phone applications.
App Zone is for android phones and is known to include over 100,000 mobile apps.

In terms of the number of apps, although it cannot yet compete with Google Play Store, consisting of millions of android apps, it is sure that Ooredoo will definitely organize special apps, best suited for the particular country in which it is providing services. So, it will include all the variations of apps, widely used in Myanmar.

Moreover, you can download the popular apps worldwide as you like. It also supports the downgrade function with which you can re-install the old/ original versions if the latest versions of apps are not compatible with your smartphone. Currently, this function is not yet supported by any other app stores. Then, in which way is this function useful?
Some people usually delete the package files once they have downloaded and installed the applications. In this way, when they install the updated version, the original version is uninstalled and if, in case, the updated version is not compatible, they are going to have to download the original/ old version which is now very difficult to find. With App Zone, this problem can easily be solved.

This application also has another special feature.
Google Play Store and other apps stores usually have terms and conditions that do not allow downloading a specific application in a certain country.
When it comes to App Zone, there is no such restriction.
They guarantee there will be no cases that Myanmar people cannot download an app due to locality restrictions.
So, that is so special, right?

Ooredoo Myanmar did have a special plan as well.
They chose 30 individuals to be the lucky draw winners and offered 10,000 MMK worth of mobile phone bill to each of them.
To take part in this program, a facebook account is needed.
You will post a status in a public setting  stating that
“I want to download ——app from App Zone. #AppZone.”
You can put any name of your favorite application in the space left blank, any app.
And then, take the screen shot of the status, write the hashtag #AppZone and your phone number and send it to the message box of Ooredoo Myanmar Facebook page by 12 pm, June 18.
Only one time for one Facebook account.
Among those who followed the instructions, 30 lucky draw winners were selected and awarded.

Because App Zone is exclusively for Ooredoo SIM card users, those who are not using Ooredoo SIM cards will not have access to it. It is hard to see this as in equity. In today’s extremely competitive mobile operator market, these kind of exclusive services does have to exist. Anyhow, we present this article with the belief that App Zone has better things to offer Ooredoo SIM card users than other app stores do.