MYANMAR SCHOOL SONGS application is popular among children

In Myanmar there are school songs at each school, and students will sing before class.
Also, as certain poems appear as exam questions, students must memorize the poem.

The application called Myanmar School Songs is a mobile application developed for kindergarten children.
With this application you can make children easy to memorize Myanmar’s school songs and poetry.
It is difficult for children to remember school songs just by teaching once or twice.
With this application, students do not need to study hard poetry which must be memorized absolutely.

Myanmar School Songs includes 51 songs from Myanmar school songs and 29 poems used for elementary school education.
Children can memorize by listening at the time they are leisurely at home.
Rather than forcibly remember poems and songs, it is a great app for kids to remember by listening to songs.

This application became available from 17th May.
The application contains songs and poetry, and the file size is as large as 48.68 MB.
You can download it from here.

Many children are not good at studying by reading books.
Playing comes to children’s mind.
Children started to like playing smartphone games rather than playing outside.
They come home from school, drop back, change from uniform and start messing with smartphone.
Unfortunately, children are not very interested in studying.
Therefore, it is necessary to make it easy to study.
It does not mean not to let students study, it means that it is better to keep them in their mind or their head without studying.
So, this is my mobile app called Myanmar School Songs.
So this mobile application comes in.
The purpose of developing this mobile application is because they want to reduce children’s study time.
Even if children do not forcibly remember poetry and school songs, they can learn by listening slowly so that they listen to music with their own smartphone in their free time.
So, let’s put the application Myanmar School Songs to the children’s smartphone as soon as possible.

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