MPT’s new international phone package is very reasonable to call Thailand and Malaysia

MPT launched the international phone package which only costs 50 kyats per minute, 15 kyats per 1 message to Thailand and Malaysia.

It takes 1000 kyats as an application fee to use this package.
You can apply by calling to telephone number *2050# or *106# , and you can also apply by using the MPT4U application published by MPT.

The regular phone charge when calling to Thailand and Malaysia is 200 kyats per minute and 150 kyats per 1 message.
This package discounts 75% for phone charge and 90% for messages.

MPT has been reducing phone charge to call to any country for some time.
One message will be sent to any country in 150 kyats , but the phone charges for international calls are divided into five types from 200 to 800 kyats depending on the location of the country.

Phone charge for ASEAN countries and China, Japan, South Korea, India, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao is 200 kyats per minute.
Among these countries, a new service is started as a special package with 50 kyats per minute phone call and 15 kyats per message to Thailand and Malaysia.
Phone charge for The United States and Canada is 250 kyats per minute, and countries other than the above countries in Asia and countries in the Pacific is 400 kyats per minute.
Phone charge for European countries is 600 kyats, the most expensive 800 kyats is appropriate for countries in South America, Africa and the Middle East.

There is also a data roaming service as another service related to overseas, and it can be used in MPT SIM card by linking with the country’s network in foreign countries.
In this data roaming service it is necessary to pay the amount of money you use.
All phones such as MPT’s GSM, WCDMA, CDMA, etc. can be used.
In order to use the data roaming service, a person who prepays a telephone fee can apply by sending a message “RMDON” to the telephone number 1332.
Or you can apply at shops such as MPT showroom.
People using Corporate Post Paid (It seems there is a service you can pay later) can apply from the B2B manager application.

Discounts of international calls to Thailand and Malaysia are written on this MPT’s page, so if you are interested, please also look at that.

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