How much importance Social Media Marketing for Myanmar

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Nowadays we become familiar with Social media websites although we did not know not much in our past time. But it is very rarely who they do not know the importance of Social media websites, how to use and rate of utilization. For example- most people use Facebook just Friday night, twitter has 6 types of connection.


Where we mainly use Social media?

       Let’s talk about advertising before we discuss about Social media. Advertising is just a track to attract with our company’s product and persuade customer how much useful our products and services for them. If we can advertise strongly, it will be more popular and increase income too.

The importance of Social Medias

       The next one that we will discuss is the importance of Social Medias. Social Media websites are only fastest and most effective way to connect with consumer how much our products and services are great.

What kind of Social Medias are widely used?

       There are numerous number of Social Medias which can advertise here. But the following website are more effective to advertise and they are widely used.

  1. Facebook

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The first one is Facebook and it is the biggest Social Media Website. Whether you established a company or produced a new product, you should advertise on Facebook.

  1. Twitter

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Another one is Twitter and it is the biggest one after Facebook. But in other countries, advertising on Twitter is more effective than on Facebook.  This is most of users pay attention advertisements which were uploaded from Twitter. But In Myanmar, Facebook is more effective because Twitter user are unusual.

  1. Instagram

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Next one is Instagram and it is not much different with Facebook. If you want to upload post, you will able to post photos and 1 minute videos. In this website, advertising clothing is more effective than other advertisement.

  1. Linkedin

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In Linkedin, announcing job vacancies and valuable consultations are more effective than advertising products. That’s why, linkedin user want to grab better opportunities than present jobs. Moreover, we can see users are sharing information about how to do and how to act at office by using Linkedin. Then, uploaded posts about job vacancies.

  1. Google+ and YouTube

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Google+ and YouTube is a domain which is a collection of movie, comedy and music. If you want to advertise here, your advertisement will show 15 seconds while user watching videos. Then, user can skip one after 3 seconds. It will be effective to advertise on these websites because people who watch these websites are just for entertainments. They watch interestingly things that will useful in their daily life at these websites.

  1. Snapchat

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It is not differ with Instagram. It’s distinction is that posted things are no longer exit and it will be deleted within 24 hours and there will not be remain any data.


How to transfer our valuable advertisement to customer by using these Social media websites?


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If you don’t know clearly how to advertise your products effectively, it will lost a lot over you leading business. The fact is you can’t send advertisement to your desired customers if you can’t create systematically and useful one. That’s why you can’t grab real customers.


How to create systematic advertisements?


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       Firstly, we need to have a goal; the limitation of income for this year, the number of employees increased last year, how many regular customers and so on.

Second is that we should plan what kind of customer become target for advertising our products. So we will know right customer at right website and we will sent to the heart of right customer via advertising desired website by uploading texts, videos, posts and photos.

Third is review and means that present condition is whether exceed or not or equal effect which you have expected. Equal is characteristics of success but great differ is the minus condition for regular customer; that’s why you need to check your method of advertising.

Last but not least, how many profits did your get by advertising on Social media websites which make to notice customer who do not know about this products. 80% of small companies are advertising their products on Social Medias and 20% of others are producing new products and services in order to notice customers. Right and effective advertisements will show you that how much effective and weary relief for customers.

Writer -Myat Hpone Myint

Translated by Myat Su Soe Moe