ABS Accounting Software for Trading and Distribution

ABS accounting software is a crucial software for entrepreneurs to utilize in their trade and distribution enterprises, and it was created by ISTAR Software.

It can be exchanged for Kyats, dollars, Yuan, and baht, among other currencies. It can use profit percentages or formulas to calculate the selling price depending on the cost of products purchased for inventory stock control. Individual products can have many barcodes. It can handle limitless warehousing, govern the movement list from one warehouse to the next, and include roles for products transformation, goods list adjustment, and stock ledger to verify remaining stock based on specific warehouse/inventory groups. Photo Source https://www.facebook.com/ITSTARCoLtd/posts/4457976674256890

In terms of a good purchase, while the software is being set up, it can be used to; submit payable opening accounts to individual suppliers; include payments for each voucher or total credit payments to individual suppliers; choose which account is being used for such transactions at the same time; link the goods purchased from supplier to respective warehouse; open fixed accounts; register fixed assets to the disposal account; check payables to suppliers by dates, months, and years, and register the product code (eg. IMEI) of acquired items based on quantities.

In terms of sale, while the software is being set up, it can be used to: submit receivable opening accounts; limit credit amounts for an individual customer by amount or number of vouchers; set a due date for an individual sale voucher or customer; Set the goods’ delivery region/city and link the client to it; check the sales summary by region/city; obtain the entire credit or transaction for each voucher from a single consumer; choose which account is being used for such transaction at the same time; link the sale vouchers to their respective warehouse; check the receivables from an individual customer by days/months/years; Register product codes (e.g., IMEI) for sale products in quantity; manage sale staffs and check the goods/vouchers of sale staffs; Submit the opening accounts for the cash account while using the software; open the expenses and other accounts; open subsidiary accounts for business/personal/duties and other expenses; transfer the amount from one account to another; and add the import license duty/transportation table. Photo Source https://www.facebook.com/ITSTARCoLtd/posts/4457976674256890

In terms of a general ledger account, it contains 100 mandatory reports for the entire business, as well as financial statement reports such as the trial balance, balance sheet, profit and loss, and so on. ABS Accounting Software not only perfectly fulfills the above accounting roles, but it also: differentiates unlimited log-in users and includes User Permission Control to specifically control a single software user; checks the history of which software user registered and deleted records; includes ABS POS (point of sale) software for salespeople to sell the goods; and member card systems.

Cloud DataBase is used for ABS Accounting Software and the advantages of a cloud database are that the business owners do not need to visit the stores in person but can control the business remotely, and the registered items are checked without needing to sync by working from anywhere at the same time, it includes accurate accounting roles for a whole business and mandatory features for a software perfectly. As a result, ABS accounting software is quite useful, and over 1000 organizations now utilize it. For more information, please visit the following link https://www.facebook.com/ITSTARCoLtd/posts/4457976674256890