Retail Master POS for Pharmacy, Markets and Restaurants

Managing the income, outcome and stocks is important in a retail shop. Managing the employees and income and outcome stocks are also one of the important factors in a retail shop. Therefore, it is necessary to have a management system to handle the process in a retail shop.

Nowadays, there are many pharmacies, markets and restaurants that are using management software to solve the problems easily. This is because handling the selling process and stocks management process has become easier to manage by using the management software. Retail Master POS is management software that can manage and calculate the income and outcome of the shop.


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The main purpose of developing the Retail Master POS is to help the small retail businesses across Myanmar with the income and outcome management process.

In order to manage systematically and to improve the quality of the management of the shops, retail master POS can fully benefit the shops. The main challenges of the store owner are calculating the payment accounts without any errors, reducing the cost after checking the incoming and outgoing stocks, exchanging the expired stocks and calculating the profit and loss monthly.


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Doing all this processes and challenges all by yourselves can waste so much time and will not be able to focus on other factors to improve the shop. Retail Master POS can easily solve and find soluion for these problems. With the RM Owner App, the store owner does not have to be at the store all the time and can be able to check the profit and loss in real time and therefore, it is a must have system for store owners.


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Retail Master POS has a special promotion in September where the software license fees will be lower than the regular fees. The main features of Retail Master POS software are Managing the tables, menus, billings, employees and managing the sales and stocks. For the store owners, they can use the mobile application and track the sales, profits, billings in real time and the application is also free.

You can contact this mobile number 09699598991 if you want to install the Retail Master POS system and the pricings are listed below.


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For those who wants to manage the restaurant systematically but do not want to spend too much money on it can use Retail Master POS where they only need to invest 33,0000 kyats to manage the stores. Since managing the restaurant is a tough and complicated work to do, Retail Master POS can help reduce the time and manpower needed.

The benefits that one can get from using Retail Master POS are it can reduce the time needed to order, can reduce the manpower as the ordering process is fast, can calculate the payment accounts correctly, can reduce the time needed to count the stocks, can work mobile without being needed to stay at the stores for store owners and can calculate the profit and loss real time.

You can view more about the Retail master PSO in this link below.