Hz POS Myanmar for all small and big sales shops

Whether it is a small scale business or a large one, the help of technology is absolutely necessary for the business to be more successful.

Moreover, it is essential that the business owners be able to control all the detailed and accurate business statistics of the main branch shop including that of all other subsidiaries from one place easily.

That is why it is very beneficial to use software which can handle business statistics accurately.


                                            Photo Source – https://www.facebook.com/hzpos/

HZ POS Software can help you with your business processes perfectly in every possible way. Not only that, it can handle the sale management with effective techniques. What can we gain by using HZ Software? No matter what kind of product is sold out, this POS Software can calculate the sale statistics in detail like a competent accountant. It also keeps track of the stats of items in stock such as Stock-In, Stock-Out, Returns and supports Auto Alarm.

With just a single mouse click, you can get all the sales and purchase stats by day, month or year and the data of loss/profit retail/wholesale in whatever order you like: daily, monthly or even yearly, effortlessly. Products can be sold with many payment options such as visa card & credit card purchase, pay later or instant cash payments and also Auto Vouchers can be sent using Email. The data of all subsidiaries can be viewed and controlled using a phone or a tablet regardless of the place you are at. The software can operate in both online and offline modes with up to 12 different languages support. If you want to use this software with a local server, the software can be purchased with 200,000MMKs, with no hidden extra fees. However, if you wish to use it with an online server, you have to bill 1 lakh Myanmar kyat annually.


                                    Photo Source – https://www.facebook.com/hzpos/

A computer for using the HZ POS Software, a printer and a barcode scanner for bills are required. The software can also be used on other POS devices. The software is developed using PHP and JavaScript, so it can be operated on your preferred browser. It is built using SQL Database, so SQL Servers can be installed in office computers to control the data across the country. That is why this software can be used for small businesses to big companies and from the main database, the data of all the employees and subsidiaries can be controlled.


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To Customer and Supplier relationship management, Customers and Suppliers, HZ POS Software can inform them of the level by level information on roles related to finance, stats and invoices by Email.

Products-parts can be easily controlled and the software is capable of making separate reports for In-Stock Items, Damaged Items, Items In/Out, transfer of stock from one place to another. Supplier and finance, product buying statistics can also be managed professionally. The reports on how many items are in stock, selling/buying, returned-items, and transfers of items can be checked by their categories. Also, the data on profit and loss can be viewed and examined by day, month and year. The business process reports of the sales clerk can also be checked.


                                 Photo Source – https://www.facebook.com/hzpos/

One great advantage is that HZ Software is not controlled by the software developer and the control is 100 percent with the owner of the software. Full-service support will be given during the period the customer is using the software. Moreover, for customers who purchased the full software license, training of 2 to 3 days period will be given, however, only one day of training will be given to regular license purchasers. Online help will also be given anytime the customer needs.

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