“M-Pitesan” Mobile Application by Ooredoo Myanmar for Money Transfer and Payment Services

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“M-Pitesan” Mobile App developed by Ooredoo Myanmar can now be used for Money transaction and Payment services. Money transaction, receive and payment can be done quickly and immediately at anytime and anywhere by using an Ooredoo phone number of Ooredoo Myanmar, one of the communication operators.

“M-Pitesan” service was introduced on 19th September, 2017 and anyone who has mobile phones can use this service. To get this service, users must use the Ooredoo SIM card; sign up with “M-Pitesan” and create own Mobile Wallet or go to any mobile shops which provide “M-Pitesan” service and money transfer can be done with your own mobile phone. In order to sign up with “M-Pitesan”, you can download “M-Pitesan” Application from Google Play and Apple Store or call USSD code *999#.

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Currently, there are over 2500 Ooredoo “M-Pitesan” agents in Yangon, Naypyidaw, Mandalay, Bago and Taungyi. Ooredoo is aiming to promote up to 8000 agents in remote rural areas and across Myanmar soon.

“M-Pitesan” Wallet is a mobile digital wallet that can be used like a wallet that you carry along with you every day. This mobile digital wallet can be used as soon as login to the “M-Pitesan”. All of the customers’ data and operations in “M-Pitesan” is kept with each own secret PIN. “M-Pitesan” service can be received at any agents around you.

In order to fill up the money in your “M-Pitesan” account, users must take their own mobile phones along with their NRC card to the nearby agent. The nearby agent can be searched by clicking “Agents Search” in “M-Pitesan” Application or by calling USSD Code *999#.

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Users can get a 2 times phone bill gift by installing bill with “M-Pitesan”. Ooredoo users will be able to receive a 2 times phone bill gift by transferring money to friends, family members and beloved ones. Money received can be used up within 3 days at Ooredoo programs such as 3-month payment program, Ooredoo-to-Ooredoo phone calling and messaging and that promotional program is limited.

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Thus, it would be better to get this “M-Pitesan” service quickly and install money in the account by going to your nearby “M-Pitesan” agents or by joining with your CB mobile bank account. There is a lottery program for those who transfer money with “M-Pitesan” service. 50 weekly users and 50 ambassadors will get 50,000 MMK in the lottery program. The timeline is limited.

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Users can do online shopping at Shop.com.mm by using “M-Pitesan”. There will be many other promotions and advantages for “M-Pitesan” users. For “M-Pitesan” users, payment can be done with digital system on shop.com.mm website. This has introduced Myanmar citizens to be able to click with online shopping and online payment system. “M-Pitesan” users can purchase goods up to 500,000 MMK on shop.com.mm website. In order to purchase goods, customers must add goods that they want to buy into the shopping cart. After that, click on “Cash On Delivery” in order to confirm the payment and that can be done with “M-Pitesan” Application. Users must click on “Buy Goods” button; type the code of shop.com.mm or scan the code through QR Code Scanner to make the payment process. Then, users will receive confirmation and a detailed voucher via SMS.

Types of expensesDaily transfer amountMonthly transfer amountMaximum Money Amount left
User 1MMK 50,000MMK 12.5 MillionMMK 200,000
User 2MMK 500,000MMK 125 MillionMMK 100 million
Business UserMMK 10 millionMMK 250 MillionMMK 100 million


Service charges are shown in the following links.


The advantage of using “M-Pitesan” is that it is portable as if you carry your own wallet along with you all the time as a Mobile wallet. We would like to inform that money can be transferred and payment can be done at anytime and anywhere around Myanmar quickly and immediately.