Digital coupon and E-commerce payment can done on M-Pitesan application of Ooredoo Myanmar

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M-Pitesan service was introduced on 19th September, 2017 and in which services such as transferring money, receiving money, and easy payment can be done by an Ooredoo phone number at any time & place for transferring and receiving easily. Started from 4th April, 2018, digital coupon and E-commerce payment can perform on M-Pitesan application. For all of Myanmar citizens, M-Pitesan application of Ooredoo Myanmar serve safety and security services for transferring money. To support Myanmar economical and other related aspects, M-Pitesan application of Ooredoo Myanmar provides new service of digital coupon and E-commerce payments in iTunes and Google play store from 4th April, 2018.Under Gift cards, coupon and voucher can purchase from iTunes and Google play store, steam wallet, easy point and vibe out. Nowadays, M-Pitesan application users of Ooredoo Myanmar can be used for all types of services that involve in it. Previously, Myanmar citizens faced technical limits and economic limits for online payments. Nowadays, downloading games, songs and useful applications from iTunes, Google play store, buying coins to play the game at steam community, taking VoIP prepaid E top-up of fiber for stickers and fiber out calls, registrations & downloading games and applications at east point can performed using M-Pitesan of Ooredoo Myanmar without necessary to pay extra-services. To perform conveniently, Ooredoo Myanmar provides E-commerce payment system for the users of M-Pitesan application. Currently, airline tickets of Myanmar airway international (MAI) and NOK air can purchase by M-Pitesan application. Performing booking with M-Pitesan application of Ooredoo Myanmar for travel services of includes booking airline tickets and high class car tickets, hotel booking, famous place to visit and itinerary booking. Purchasing travel cost, online shopping and purchasing can perform with the use of M-Pitesan application of Ooredoo Myanmar. Radio Myanmar gives indeed services of E-commerce system to all of Myanmar citizens and also trying to support for further enjoyable services. Finally, I advise all of Myanmar citizens to use M-Pitesan application of Ooredoo Myanmar for your safety and convenience.