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Every Myanmar already knows YBS although it is dealing only with Yangon.
Beginning from when it started about four or five months ago, the problems have been scrambling in the whole country.
The very first problem that made YBS famous was, it did not have the enough buses.

It was inefficient for covering the population of Yangon.
The buses were imported from China a few weeks ago. It will need more.
People have been groaning and cannot do better.
There is a Myanmar is saying that is like“I will love you if you love me”.
But in this YBS situation, people can’t abdicate the YBS even it does not love people.
It looks like we mush hang on like a lover until we die.

Only the administrator and administrative department can solve the inefficiency problem.
People do not have the chance to demand like “We want the best solution in time.”
And we also do not need to.
Cause it doesn’t happen quietly like boy filth a girl.
So it is like better not to think with our brain that have only 1 GB RAM get a solution of the problem and how to do to be the best.

Written above are the problems are like that cannot be solved by the populace.
Now we will discuss the problems that we can be solved.
So to solve that kind of problem, we need to gather at a place.
It is not a big deal to gather at a place if we have an application called YBR.
To complain our YBS problems, these are bigger or smaller will be revealed on the application so that is like we solve together the YBS problems.
Now YBR, Yangon Bus Report application is the only one application to report the YBS problem.

The Yangon Bus Report app had been programmed the day after Ma.Hta.Ta changed to YBS.
Over (7000) people are using now.
There are over (2600) complaints and the respective authorities were acting on the fewest problems.

Only the developers who programmed the app are controlling the complaints and complaint against the respective authorities.
So they need human resource, exaction and budget indeed.
We don’t know where the budget comes from whether they are investing their own budget or getting some from service of the application.
May be they are investing their own money.
There is also a Facebook page called Yangon Bus Report. There are over 30 k likes and followers.
There are no advertisements for Team Budget yet at the Facebook Page.

If there is a problem caused by YBS bus, bus driver or bus conductor (spares), we suggest for complaining the problem and solving together.
Because these problems cannot be solved by individual and require discipline.
And this is the best way for solving problems at this circumstance and situation.
We can reduce the follow-up problems causing from the argument with bus conductors.
The passengers are being patient to go to the desired place without any undesirable problem, especially for women.
At the time of climbing up and down to the bus, it is not like the kind of helping when they offer the help.
They are doing for lust sometime.
There are lots of unseemliness in the crowd.

If we want to complain a problem from the app, we have to choose the bus line first.
We have to choose the type of complaint: totally fifteen on the claim page.
We have to choose one of the complaints and type the bus number, picture and situation accurately.
If we please about the bus, we can also acclaim it.
To do that kind of acclaiming you have to choose “The Rating” and choose the bus line number, bus number and rate up to five stars.

Every complaint is displayed in the application.
Every complaint has the accurate detail about how they act on the problems.
It is still vulnerable at acting on problems.
The administrators of the application interrogate the complaints and complain to the YRTA: Yangon Region Transport Authority.
From YRTA the verified complaints are going to the Bus Operator of the respective Bus Line.
Then the Bus Operators are doing the required acting.
The Bus line itinerary and the information about YBS are also posted at the Newsfeed.
It is good because we can prepare if there are any changes in itinerary.
The complaints are also systematically managed so the related authority can examine the history record.

So we don’t need any hesitation like earlier. So we suggest complaining from the Yangon Bus Report App with accurate information for the justice and benefit.