JJ Express long distance bus reservation mobile application

Image Source: https://www.jjexpress.net/

JJ Express, which runs a long distance bus, released a mobile app for bus reservation, and its promotion event took place on August 19th at Junction Square.

When registering in the application at the event, it was that I got a prize with Lucky Draw, so I attempted to register, but I could not connect to the registration page.
I downloaded the application without problem, so I could connect to the Internet, it would be a problem of the server or network where the application is located.
It would probably be holding expensive promotional events, so they should avoid such basic troubles.
Although I tried to register even after several days, a similar error screen was displayed and I could not register.

And when I opened the application for the first time in a long time, I could connect to the registration screen and register as a member, so it has passed for a while but decided to write this article.

In this application, when you select departure place, arrival place, use day, corresponding departure time and amount are displayed, so select and make a reservation.
It is convenient because you can select the seat you want to sit from the vacant seat after picking a bus to ride.

After that, when you enter the information of the reserver, it becomes the selection screen of the payment method.

You can choose from four types of payment methods: bank transfer, use from deposit account, VISA / MASTER card, MPU card.
Bank transfer and MPU cards charge 2%, VISA / MASTER cards charge 4%, and no fee will be charged for deposits.
(For deposit it is written “Coming Soon”. It seems that it can not be used yet.)

When choosing a payment method, a confirmation screen is displayed.
If you proceed further, you will see a page for entering credit card information.

I do not see the screen for entering credit card information, so I do not know, but at least since there is no SSL in the member registration and login page, I did not want to enter my password. (I registered with a password I do not use elsewhere)
Considering such a weak security aspect, I do not think I will enter credit card information.
Also, this mobile app seemed to only display websites with WebView, so I did not know much about the need to make it as a mobile application.
In order to increase the number of users, improvement is still necessary.