Infinity VR Myanmar launches Game Development Course Package for those who want to learn Game Development

Infinity VR Myanmar is now selling Game Development Course Package for those who want to learn Game Development techniques and other lessons at a place.

You will be able to get all the game-related training courses available on the current website by purchasing this Game Development Course Package and also receive one year of download access from the Thin Kyar Market for source code and the required projects to create games. Photo Source

This package will cost 50,000 MMK. Those who are interested in game creation technology should buy this package as soon as possible. Here are some courses for game development.

Unity Game Development Course ( 35000 MMK )
Cryengine Game Development Course ( 25000 MMK )
2D Game Development with GDevelop ( 10000 MMK )
Game Development with Unreal Engine ( 35000 MMK )
Blender3d Course ( 25000 MMK )
3Dsmax Course ( 25000 MMK )

You will get the above 6 courses with just 50,000 Kyats if you buy this package and you only need to pay 25,000 Kyats if you have attended the previous courses. However, you can attend each course without having to purchase a package can also attend. Photo Source

Infinity VR Myanmar has started to learn how to write games with the Game Creator tool in the Unity Game Development class. Game Creator is a Unity asset that allows you to create games with Visual Scripting without coding. Former Unity students can start studying right now. Beginners will only be able to learn Unity Basic. Inquiries are also available for those who want to attend Unity and Game Design courses.