Facebook Pages of Medical Clinics which Provides Home Care Services

During the current period of the Covid-19 third wave, people must know the medical clinics which provide home care services. In this way, they can contact for medical support if their family members show any health problems. Photo Source https://www.facebook.com/hanthapharma/

(1) Hantha Pharmacy
Hantha Pharmacy is a medical clinic that provides home care services in Yangon. It donates Nasal prongs oxygen and Reservoir bags to the public. Other health services are also available in the clinic. It can be checked via the following link.


(2) Doctors on Wheel

Doctors on Wheel clinic is providing medical check-up to non-fever patients by the doctors and nurses who wear medical covers including caps, goggles, face shields, gowns, and gloves. When it accepts home visit medical calls from the patients, two service providers including the doctor and nurse will visit by the clinic vehicle with its sticker. Emergency boxes with medicines and drips are also included on the vehicle. During weekends and public holidays, PG doctors who are studying the master courses will provide the services. It can be checked via the following link.


Photo Source https://www.facebook.com/Covi-Care-108916631458865/

(3) Covi-Care

The covi-Care online medical clinic is providing home care services for necessary health care. For more information, the following link to the clinic can be checked.


(4) Doctor Thway

Doctor Thway clinic is sharing the detailed contact list of medical clinics which are available for home visit cares in the townships of Yangon. It is also one of the best pages for home care medical services. It can be checked via the following link.


(5) Housecall Doctors Network

Housecall Doctors Network is a team that provides home care medical services. The following link is available for their services.


(6) Health Care Service by Nay & Me

Health Care Service by Nay & Me is a Facebook page that provides FOC online health care and advices via page chat box mainly for the people who need necessary suggestions for emergency cases and have problems to go to the hospitals and clinics during the current situation. It can be checked via the following link.


(7) Online Consultation for Covid, General Health TeleHealth Page

It is a Facebook page of the Ministry of Health Channel, National Unity Government which provides online services for Covid-19 patients from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM every day. It can be checked via the following link.