Improved IT era’s products influence on children

Do you have children at home? Do you recognize any child who is always busy with video games and mobile phones in your neighborhood? By seeing those children, the developing countries like ours are fatally influenced by the Technology.

It is important for the children to grow up to be familiar with technological equipments for surviving in this era. Children are the future of the world. Only the children will create modern technology in the future.

Children’s exposure to technology through the things like computer, laptop, smart phones, tablets, TV and Games.

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Nowadays, kids are quite different from our century. In this era, a mother can contact her preschool child anytime via cell phone. That’s why we have to learn the effects caused by influencing of technology on children. I am pretty sure almost every parent wants to know if they should let their children using IT products. So, let’s find out here.

Benefits for children exposed to technology

  1. Hand-Eye Coordination
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Touch screens, computer laptops and game machines with handles can help the children to be able to coordinate with hand and eyes. This can also help them in learning school lessons and also help them to improve writing and drawing skills.


  1. Creative and Critical Thinking
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IT products can truly help the children to be a creative person and improve their thinking skill. And also help them to make quick decisions. Sometimes, you will be irritated that the children solve the game quickly while you are struggling.

  1. Language Skill

As IT applications are not created in our mother languages, especially in our country which is weak in production, so that the children can learn foreign languages quickly from instructions and labels.

  1. Intelligence and Commitments

Games help to improve the children’s intelligence. It can also stimulate the children’s desire to learn new things and to do the work done as the levels are passed. Other than that, games can also improve problem solving skills.

  1. Learning

Technology plays as a best medium for the children to learn unusual things in daily life and to get closer to the real world out there while children from the developing countries like ours can’t easily travel around the world. For example, children who love animals can learn about not only the cats and dogs around their neighborhoods, but also the species from Africa in small amount of time.

  1. Social Interaction and Team Work

Children can easily contact their family and friends via IT devices. In some schools from the United States, children are allowed to create technology and handle the barriers. Those children can share their innovative ideas and work together with their classmates. But our country, Myanmar is too far away from this opportunity.

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One thing to be aware is not to allow the children using too much technology as they are still underdeveloped in physical, psychological and neurological. We here describe the effects of overusing technology and how to prevent them.


  1. Obesity
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If children sit for a long time by watching television and playing video games, it can lead them to obesity. Parents have to limit their time. Children under two years old are prohibited from using handheld devices to prevent from speech delaying and stuttering words. 2-5 years old kids are allowed to use the devices up to one hour a day. Parents should adjust the balance for 6 years old children according to their daily activities. Children should be told to play outdoors activities after a long time sitting.


  1. Sleep Deprivation
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Using the electronic devices at night can cause sleeping disorders because of the light emerge from the display screen. Parents should not allow them to use the electronic device in bed and let them use in limited daytime.


  1. Mental Illness
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Over using of technology can occur frustrated, confused, premature mental decline, breakdown in concentration, breakdown in the friendship, easy to be angry with a psychological problem. When these symptoms occur, they need to reduce the use of IT devices.

  1. Addiction

Nowadays, as most parents are working via technology, they use most of their time on IT technology and can’t give enough attention to their own children. They allow their children using IT devices. This leads the children to addict to technology and forget to play with their friends and to enjoy the natural environment. So, parents should mind to limit the time of their children using technology and not to overuse them.

  1. Radiation Emission

In May, 2011, according to WHO, radiation emitted from the cell phones and wireless devices can cause Cancer. Therefore, children should be trained not to watch the display screen closely, take a rest for the eyes and limit their time of using the devices.

  1. Unsustainable

Chris Rowan, a Pediatric Occupational therapist said “Children are our future. But there is no future for the children who over use technology.”

Children can feel the benefits of technology if only they use it in an effective and harmless way. However, we can’t neglect technology in IT era. Children who don’t get a chance to use technology will be left behind those who can. I sincerely wish parents could raise the outstanding children by keeping the balance between them and the benefits of technology.

Yi Lei Soe