OPPO Elevates Multi-device, Intelligent Experiences in Collaboration with Partners and Developers

World-leading technology brand OPPO held the 2020 OPPO Developer Conference (ODC) online, under the theme “For a Future of Convergence”. During the event, OPPO officially launched ColorOS 11 in China, and announced its IoT vision “Enjoy a smart and wonderful life”. The company also introduced a number of innovative products and services.

“As a tech company that serves the world with our integrated hardware and software services, we are honored to work with outstanding developers worldwide to contribute to the construction of a new ecosystem based on the Internet of Experience,” said Henry Duan, Vice President and President of Internet Services at OPPO. “We will continue to collaborate with developers and partners to explore an open and integrated Internet ecosystem, so as to bring a more seamless and intelligent experience to global users.” Photo Source https://www.oppo.com/mm/

ColorOS has more than 370 million monthly active users worldwide and has accumulated a large number of users in terms of applications, services, and the content ecosystem. More than 140,000 developers have used the OPPO open platform, and the open capabilities provided by OPPO are used more than 18 billion times per day. OPPO’s global application ecosystem continues to grow, with more than 330 million monthly active users and more than 1.7 billion daily distributions.

As one of the first OEMs to offer users Android 11, OPPO hopes to create a smooth technological experience for users through more technological innovations.

To allow developers to better access OPPO’s system-level capabilities, ColorOS opened up two more system-level capability exposure engines, AIUnit and FusionUnit, on top of the five engines announced CameraUnit, MediaUnit, Hyper Boost, Link Boost, and ARUnit1. Through these seven engines, ColorOS will help developers further enrich users’ technological experience.

1 With the exception of CameraUnit and Hyper Boost, all engines are currently only available in China. BF Science & Technology Co.,Ltd Office Unit 701 & 702, Aurora Business Tower, No. 40, No. (1) Industrial Road, Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar http://www.facebook.com/oppomyanmar https://www.oppo.com/mm/

ColorOS 11 is the best ColorOS edition ever, given that it extends the design concept of “no boundaries” to use and connection, bringing users a seamless, multi-device, and cross-scenario experience. In order to further protect user privacy and the security of the ecosystem, ColorOS 11 incorporates Android 11’s newly added privacy options while creating a series of additional privacy protection and data security features. In addition, ColorOS has obtained certifications from world-class standards organizations such as ISO, ePrivacy, which represent the highest industry standards in privacy protection.

With the advent of the Internet of Things era, OPPO will focus on three application scenarios based on the core needs of users—personal entertainment, home appliance and furnishing, and sports and health. With its rich IoT product layout and open ecological cooperation, users can enjoy a multi-device, cross-scenario intelligent life. On this basis, OPPO released the HeyTap Health Platform2 for the first time to further enrich the OPPO IoT ecosystem. Photo Source https://www.oppo.com/mm/

For a long time, OPPO has continued to develop the Internet ecosystem. With the OPPO open platform as the window, and user needs as the core, the company builds three ecological modules—applications, services, and content—to provide developers with a one-stop service covering the entire product life cycle.

The development of the content business is even more inseparable from the support of industry-leading partners. Thanks to the cooperation between OPPO and global high-quality content platforms including Vision and Dailymotion, the OPPO content ecosystem’s users have grown rapidly, with monthly active users over 280 million and the average daily content impression over 10 billion.

At present, with the further popularization of 5G, the integration of 5G and cutting-edge technologies such as AI, AR, and cloud computing is giving birth to new scenarios and services. As a technology company that serves the world and integrates software and hardware services, OPPO will continue to focus on global user needs, adhere to the “win-win” business philosophy, comprehensively support global developers and partners from capability openness to resource investment, and work together with them to build a new ecosystem based on the Internet of Experience.