The world’s largest smartphone photo and video competition of HUAWEI to be held

HUAWEI, the world’s leading technology company, today invites its community of millions to create and share their most uplifting and inspirational images as part of NEXT-IMAGE 2020, the world’s biggest smartphone photography and video competition.

Turning it into a celebration of the positive power of creativity, Huawei will share the joy far and wide – as well as offering prizes for the most creative captures – hoping to bring the world together, even when they are apart.

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“It’s time for new creators across the world to make their next image matter and use their creative skills to capture and share their most joyful inspiring images from wherever they are. Join us in our mission to use the positive power of creativity to bring the world together, even when we are apart.” Andrew Garrihy said, the global chief brand officer of HUAWEI Consumer Business.

Open to Huawei owners, HUAWEI NEXT-IMAGE 2020 will offer amateur smartphone photographers and visual storytellers who share their uplifting images, over 70 chances to win cash prizes of up to $10,000, with the most powerful images selected by a collection of the world’s leading photography experts.

HUAWEI has introduced video and storytelling categories to recognize how modern media formats can help users to create new, unique, and powerful narratives.

HUAWEI is encouraging entrants to explore different perspectives to discover the diversity and beauty of life, with six distinct categories.

Near Far: Use your smartphone camera to capture hidden gems and different perspectives – whether you’re inside or out.

Good Night: Capture fun moments at night or in a low light environment. Reflect the atmosphere of the moment and get creative.

Hello, Life! A picture is worth a thousand words – so capture and share the emotion or inspiration you take from your everyday.

Faces: Experiment with identity and the power of portrait photography. Capture the faces of those closest to you.

Live Moments: Shoot and produce a short video or mobile movie of up to 10 minutes. Express your creativity and share positive stories in the form of moving images.

Storyteller: Use a set of photos to express emotions to tell your personal story. The story must include 3-9 images. Photo Source

HUAWEI NEXT-IMAGE Awards 2020 encourages mobile photography enthusiasts to create freely – whenever and wherever they are. Capturing artistic inspiration and sharing the beauty of life, participants also have many chances to win incredible rewards, including HUAWEI’s latest flagship device, the HUAWEI P40 Pro.

NEXT-IMAGE is the world’s largest smartphone photography and videography competition, and it received over 520,000 entries last year alone.

For more information on NEXT-IMAGE 2020 and how to enter, please visit the official website of the tournament (