Huawei and Myanmar Engineering Societies jointly hosts Myanmar Indoor Coverage Digitalization Summit 2019


The Federation of Myanmar Engineering Societies (Fed. MES) and Huawei, a

leading global provider of ICT infrastructure and smart devices jointly hosted

Myanmar Indoor Coverage Digitalization Summit 2019 at Pan Pacific Hotel in


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The summit is aimed to driven an open, collaborative and win-win industry ecosystem.

Myanmar Indoor Coverage Digitalization Summit 2019 covers latest trends of

Indoor Coverage Digitalization and explores topics on digitalization of new indoor

coverage in Myanmar. The growth of telecommunication networks will be more

pronounced in fast-developing Myanmar. Currently more than 80 % of high-speed

data services occur on indoor networks particularly in high-rise buildings.

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The industry predicts that more mobile services will take place indoor as coming

5G will catalyze service diversity and expand business boundaries. And indoor

networks will be crucial to high-value mobile networks. Indoor coverage digital

solutions enable organizations and businesses in their operations by powering

services such as cloud VR, smart healthcare and high-precision indoor positioning

services. It supports faster and smoother experiences, better evolution as it can

switch to 5G without changing network architecture and planning, and reduce

OPEX with E2E visualized O&M.

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Mr. Zhang Liman, CEO of Huawei Myanmar said, “In the 5G era, indoor networks

with all its benefits and increasing prominence, will become integral to how high-

value mobile networks are run. Only digitalized coverage could provide more

innovative services, faster data transfer rates, flexible network expansion, efficient

E2E operation, and smooth 5G evolution. Digitalized indoor networks are also

critical for establishing smart cities, another sign. Indoor coverage digitalization is

the inevitable future of the industry.”

“We are here today to discuss this key area of network technology in Myanmar and

to highlight standard need for the country’s ICS/FTTX industry. In partnership

with Federation of Myanmar Engineering Societies (Fed. MES), Huawei will

strengthen more collaboration for indoor coverage digitalization in Myanmar

following our commitment of improving people’s lives and to build a better digital

Myanmar,” said Mr. Zhang Liman.

U Soe Naing, Deputy Director General Post and Telecommunications, Ministry of

Transport and Communications, said “I would like to especially thank Huawei for

its important contribution to the development of the communications industry in

Myanmar with its reliable communications solutions and professional services. We

welcome Huawei to participate in Myanmar future communication network

construction. As long as the equipment suppliers are following the existing laws,

rules and regulation of Myanmar, we will not prohibit any equipment suppliers

from participating in competition fairly as long as they follow the rules and

regulations. At the same time, we will formulate cyber security laws and related

technical standards to ensure Myanmar network security.”

U Win Tint, Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Construction said “The

development of smart buildings and the economy in Myanmar requires a process in

which it is inseparable from the efforts of all sectors. We hope that real estate

developers can make reservation for the intelligent equipment and cables during the

designing phase, to facilitate subsequent installation and access of telecom devices.

We aim to provide a fair environment for all parties to reduce communication costs

and improve efficiency. We are very pleased to see that Huawei and Fed. MES

have started relevant discussions and cooperation, and also thank Huawei for its

constructive efforts for the construction industry in Myanmar. We hope that all

parties can provide their own ideas based on the overall development and give full

play to their respective energy. Everyone will work together to build a better


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The Federation of Myanmar Engineering Societies (Fed, MES) and Huawei signed

a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in early 2019 to organize indoor

coverage digitalization summit and other relevant initiatives in Myanmar. The

partnership will endeavor in promotion, operation and implementation of indoor

coverage and FTTH standards as well as in specific areas of developing cloud, e-

learning, certification programs and internship programs. Representatives from

government, telecom operators, property developers, industry analyst firms and

other influential organizations share their opinions through in-depth conversations

at the summit.