New technologies that will probably be useful in Myanmar

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In this IT age, the improvement in everything is happening worldwide and the improvement is spreading in a noticeable way. The fact of spreading good technologies can cause improvements, but if technologies which can cause disadvantages to human are spreading, it would be very dangerous for human resources. Developing countries including Myanmar still need to improve in technology. Therefore, here are some new technologies from all over the world which can be useful and suitable in Myanmar.

  1. Energy-reducing BioLite HomeStove

Some developing countries including Myanmar still use charcoal or natural woods in cooking. As a result, trees are more needed to be cut down and it causes deforestation. Because of inhaling smokes, 1.5 million people in the world die every year. According to WHO research, a kind of lung disease called COPD which is caused by inhaling extreme amount of smokes causes about 4 million deaths yearly. Moreover, due to the increased world population, more and more natural resources and energy have been using. While half of the world population is not able to use enough electricity and energy, the exhaustion of natural resources such as bush fire or burning the trees can be a waste of valuable energy.

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BioLite Home Stove is a new technology which is invented to reduce such troubles. The generator involved in the stove transforms heat energy into electrical energy. Then, it makes the charcoal or woods in the stove burn, but without smokes. Also, the emitted electrical power can be used in charging electric devices using a thing called power module.

Another distinct feature is that the use of fuel is reduced by half compared with normal stove, reducing the percentage of smoke emission up to 95%. This can reduce the cost of fuel in less-developed countries up to $200 per year. Moreover, cooking can be done neatly and LED lamps and mobile phones can be charged as well. Currently, rather than Home Stove retail, India, Ghana and Uganda are testing to use large amounts of stoves.

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Although the stove can give a lot of advantages, the main weakness is the price. Although the cost of $100 for one stove is nothing compared with the benefits, it is a struggle for the poor. Thus, home stoves cannot be sold wholesale all over the world. However, according to the news, BioLite team members are trying to be successful by coming over such obstacles. Also, in Myanmar, charcoal stoves have been using in many places. In uneducated and rural societies, a lot of accidents have been happening because of fire and there have been a lot of damages. When home stove made from safe technology is used, it is sure that it can be beneficial not only to the energy but also to the surrounding.

  1. Plastic substitute bags

Plastic substitute bags and caps called Cassava carrier bag have been starting to use in Indonesia. A young entrepreneur called Kevin Kumala invented it. Indonesia is one of the countries in Southeast Asia in which deforestation and natural environment destruction are found. As the country’s economy has been improved, there have been a lot of plastic uses on the roads including the famous Bali beach. The method of substituting plastic has been created to prevent damages which become worse day by day.

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Sometimes, the best way of doing something better is simple. The way of reducing plastic in Indonesia is to produce plastic substitute things from a natural fruit, Cassava. The result is that when this bag is thrown away, it does not harm the environment and it dissolves into the soil automatically.

Another fact is that since this bag is an organic material, when animals choke or ingest it accidentally, it does not harm them. It can also reduce the death of sea animals because of the plastic thrown into the sea. This idea produced by Kevin Kumala who originally loves environment and sea and loves to go diving costs more than the plastic production and so, it is a struggle for producing economically. However, Avani Eco, the company of Kevin Kumala, is continuing to invent new technologies from natural products like sugarcane and corn in order to give advantages to the natural environment.

With the advanced age, Myanmar which has been using household products widely has been against the use of plastic. Myanmar people also like to eat cassava and it is also planted economically. Therefore, if this technology which produces bags using natural products supporting natural environment maintenance, it would be really beneficial to the environment.

  1. Insect Bread

Last but not least, one new technology is producing bread with insects.

It is a bit surprising to hear that. But it actually happens.

It has been already known that bread is made of bread. However, in Finland, cricket is used to produce bread. What is more interesting is that the recipe is to dry 70 crickets, grind, mix with flour and make delicious bread.Image Source:

The ingredients are protein, calcium, iron and vitamin 12. Therefore, it is nutritious and when the technology becomes widespread, it can reduce the daily meat-consuming rate as people can have cricket as meat. Since the population is increased, more and more meat is consumed. According to one survey, the reduction in the meat-consuming rate is as large as the area of England. If insects are cultivated as meat, it can reduce the land size and the amount of food for cultivation, and it can benefit the environment.

Humans have been inventing new technologies. Because of the Finns who are enthusiastic about inventing, cricket bread has been widely sold in Finland. Some countries such as Denmark, Britain and Switzerland have been testing to bake bread with other insects. This is the success of the bakery “Fazer” and the owner “Markus Hellstrom”. One disadvantage of this bread is in trying to make people who are hard to believe that insects are to eat taste the bread. But this difficulty can be overcome with the fact that insects can be safely eaten if they are cooked neatly. One advantage is that you can feel the taste of bread even though it is made of cricket.

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This technology is really suitable with Myanmar because Myanmar people like to eat fried cricket as delicious food. Even though there are various kinds of bread, it would be difficult to suit all classes. When this kind of bread can be made in Myanmar with cheap prices, Myanmar people are able to taste the delicious and nutritious food with appropriate price.

The above technologies are new and it has great aims like preserving the natural environment and being able to suit all classes. Although there are still struggles in the high price and in trying to spread worldwide, it would be successful because it is based on the good will and technology. I hope there will be a time in Myanmar when these technologies will widely be used.