Five Educational Pages and Five Educational Groups for Learners

It would be better to say “Today is the Education Age” rather than “Today is the IT age”. As the investment of the telephone operators become more and more together with the improvement in IT, one-third of the population in Myanmar has come to use mobile phones. Since the Internet can be used very easily, most of the mobile phone users have at least one Facebook account. It can be seen that the user rate of the social media become increased, especially among youths. In this article, pages and groups which share and update scholarships, knowledge and educational information for youths will be described.

Five educational pages are

  1. Ministry of Education, Myanmar

This is a legally government-authorized page as well as a page which has got Blue mark. It has been providing information about local educational news, matriculation exam results, university entrance lists and government scholarships from time to time. It is also a page which people form educational fields should like.

  1. Myanmar Education Directory “EDGE”

It is also a supportive page which guides educational news and information, activities, diploma courses and aid courses for youths. It is also a page which does not need to pay any service fees for university students, for those who want to keep in touch with education and for those who want to know good education centers.

  1. Lae Lar

It is a page created by a Myanmar-based education company. It is one which also supports an online learning program for those who do not have enough time to attend an outside course. Most lessons are posted in a group which is linked with it. It is hoped that this page will help those who want to learn online.

  1. SHARE Scholarship

This page is one which posted about student exchange programs to learn one semester at universities connected with ASEAN countries. The program is linked with Yangon University, Mandalay University and Myanmar Maritime University, and this program send students from these universities to the ASEAN universities in order to be able to learn related subjects. It is a page which should be liked by university students.

  1. Free Scholarships

This is an international page which posts up-to-date scholarship news from all over the world. It is really supportive if you can search the subject and the country you intend very well. Also, if you aim to apply a scholarship, I would like to advise you to prepare for IELTS or TOFEL or SAT.

Five educational groups are

  1. Myanmar scholars and researchers and Myanmar educational advisor group

This group shares scholarships, researches and educational news and you can ask and discuss what you want to know, as well. It is a group that students should be in.

  1. Myanmar educational information

This group shares a lot about education. Not only students but also adults should join this group. However, you should note in advance that some news can be rumors.

  1. Scholarship & work vacancy

This group shares not only scholarships but also job opportunities. It is suitable for those who want to work while attending distance education.

  1. Erasmus Trainings & Scholarships & Youth Exchanges

This group shares up-to-date news about scholarships, exchange programs and training courses. Since it is an international group, there can be some difficulties for Myanmar students but it is a really beneficial group. So, every student should join this group.

  1. Study Abroad

It is also an international group and it shares scholarships and describes the necessary things for those who want to study abroad. People who are enthusiastic about studying abroad should join this group.

Lastly, I would like to mention a website that should be subscribed by those who want to study abroad with a scholarship. It is . Once you enter this website and subscribe with your email, it will send up-to-date scholarships to your email.

I hope you all quickly like and join the above pages and groups and can get your target and destination.

Writer-Thu Nadi Ye Oo
Translated by Nyeinn Sandi