Instagram Collaborative Collections to share with friends

Instagram, which has been introducing new features for users, creators has now introduced a new feature that allows users to save bookmark posts together with their friends.

In previous days, users could only save contents as a collection when making a bookmark. Meanwhile the newly introduced function will now allow you to tag your friends and save bookmarks in the collections. The saved bookmarks have been made easy to access and view as private groupings.

Image: Instagram

When users save the content, they want to save from their feed or DMs, they will see a new option called “Collaborative Collection”. Through the new function, users can share the custom name and their friends’ name to make a collection. Contents and reels can be added to the collection and shared with the shared members together.

Any member in the collection can add or remove posts from the collection. Once you find the content or reels you want to add, make a bookmark and add to the collaborative collection you’re currently using or choose whether to create a new one.