Knowledge about Virus Usually Spreading in Myanmar

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As Myanmar has become modernized, the use of the Internet has become widespread and there are more opportunities for the viruses to get spread in our phones or computers through the Internet. Although the virus can be spread mostly through the Internet, other data transfer devices such as memory stick, CD, etc. can also contain viruses. In this article, virus spreading in most computers and software that we should use to protect virus will be mainly discussed.

Well, what is computer virus?

A computer virus is a program or a file in which a virus has attached itself, spreading from one computer to another. Like the virus attacking humans are quick to spread, computer virus will disturb the system of the computer from working normally. It will make the errors in the windows, destroy the user data and important files of hardware and software.

However, most viruses are executable files, e.g. chrome, exe, system.bat,, etc. Even if they exist in your computer, if you don’t open or run them, they will not harm the computer. So, note that computer virus cannot be spread without man’s actions. There are many ways viruses can be spread such as attached files from forwarded emails, memory sticks (flash/ thumb drives), virus infected files from full sharing, sharing virus infected files without knowing each other, etc. Since there are varieties of virus, here are some types of virus mainly spreading in Myanmar.

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Malware is a combination of two English words “Malicious” and “Software”. It is a short form that computer specialists easily use. Malware can destroy or disturb the computer system without being known by the computer owner through a single computer/ server/ computer network. Malware consists of Computer virus, Worms, Torjan Horses, Most Rootkits, Spyware, Dishonest Adware, Crimeware and other malicious and unwanted software.

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A worm is designed like a virus. It can also be called as a sub-class of a virus. Unlike the virus, it is spread without the need of man’s action in the computer network. The most dangerous fact is that it can make about 100 million copies while pretending to be a system file. It can increase the used space on a hard disk, the usage of the system memory of a computer, and network bandwidth. It can also cause “Not responding” to the programs running. The popular worm is Blaster worm. It is designed to control the computer by remote with crackers once it is in the computer system.

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Trojan Horse

It is also known as a Trojan. Normally it is attached to useful software. For instance, it can make you able to install a game and play it while, on the other hand, hackers or crackers can check and search your computer. So, that game is called ‘Trojan horse’. In fact, it is an official game, but a virus-infected game.

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It is a kind of thief. It may not destroy the computer, but it will send the important data of the computer user to its main server daily. Spyware can mostly be spread through web browsers and it can sometimes change the browser home page. It will show you different kinds of error messages, like “Your computer has a lot of problems. To solve it, click below.” It you click the link below, other porn sites will open although you don’t do anything. Some think http cookie as spyware. Actually, it is not. But, most cookies like that can have data that spyware can track, that’s why spyware removers delete these cookies. In order to prevent from spyware, it’s better to avoid the pop-up links.

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Adware is advertising-supported software or a software package. It is designed to pop up automatically on screen and it forces you to download it. Some adware is spyware.

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          Crimeware is a type of spyware, adware and malware. It is designed purposely for financial crime. It can save the user passwords, links and facts and so one who runs it can open it and steals the user data. For example, some popular software such as keylogger or keystroke logging software is kinds of crimeware.

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Now, we know various kinds of viruses, so, how can we protect from viruses?

          In order to protect from computer virus, we definitely need to use good and safe anti-virus software and this software should always be latest up-to-date. Moreover, we must be aware about the danger of the latest virus and their functions. We should check carefully before downloading the email attached files, applications and software from the Internet. If something seems to have a virus, you should check the whole computer with anti-virus software. Top 5 anti-virus software currently trending are

  1. Norton Antivirus
  2. BullGuard Antivirus
  3. Panda Antivirus
  4. Bitdefender Antivirus and
  5. Avira Antivirus.

Since prevention is better than cure, you should protect your computer with some safe antivirus software as a protection from virus. This article is dedicated to readers to have an awareness about computer viruses.

Myat Noe Wai