Mobile Application for History of Bagan Pagodas “E-BAGAN”

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In this IT era, books are disregarded in some cases.
It is easier to use a mobile application than writing on paper.
Today, we use modern electronics even though we use paper for taking notes and photos in earlier days.
Therefore, newspaper and text books are converted to electronic versions.
Electronic products are faster, easier and take less space.

It is heard that people start creating the mobile application for visitors to Bagan.
It is an essential tool for visitors.
There are lots of books for tourist guide and history of pagodas in Bagan.
However, this mobile application will make visitors easier in every aspect.
It will be easier using a mobile application than a book.
For example, navigation will be better using mobile internet than reading the instruction from a book.
A book will guide where to go, how far, which way, etc.
If where you are is not a famous place, then you cannot depend on a book especially tourists.

It is more convenient for visitors to use the mobile application than guide books.
With the aid of GPS, visitors can locate where they are, search where they want to go, calculate the distance and arrange a trip with all the information.
Moreover, the history of pagodas will be included in the application and so you can prioritize those spots.
Once the data in the application has been sorted out and all the data is ready it will be a very efficient and convenient tool.

As the application is in progress, we do not know how it is organized, but it will be a perfect one.
Because it is planned by Mandalay Region Government and Computer Professionals Association.
They named the application as E-Bagan and Computer Professionals will instruct 36 final-year students from the Technological University until the application is ready.
As it is planned by the Government with the aid of Professionals, it will be a very good application.

The application should include the geography of Bagan, the picture and history of pagodas, hotels, restaurants, emergency telephone numbers and travel agencies, etc.
We hope this E-Bagan mobile application will present to the visitors to Bagan, the unique place of Myanmar.