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Myanmar workers in the Thailand can now transfer money easily to the family by Myanmar Remit Card that was the cooperation of KBZ Bank and Kasikorn Bank of Thailand.
Myanmar workers at the Thailand can transfer money to the withdraw account up to one hundred thousand Baht (Three hundred and ninety thousand Kyat in Myanmar) maximum per day.
The family from Myanmar can receive and withdraw money from KBZ Bank branches and ATM around Myanmar.
Myanmar workers in the Thailand can easily make the transfer card at the nearest Kasikorn Bank.

This program is unique.
There is nothing special for Myanmar worker in Thailand.
They just transfer money easily to their family.
But the withdrawer from Myanmar would have to know the essential facts.
The with-drawer must have account to withdraw.
It is not common for registering the bank accounts and Cards in Myanmar.
There are only a few numbers.
So if we want to use the money-transfer program, we have to arrange the prerequisites not only in Thailand but also in Myanmar.

The money can only withdraw from KBZ Banks and their ATM.
There are lots of KBZ Banks in the cities, but it is not convenient when they closed on Sunday and holidays.
And there are no KBZ Banks at small cities.
The Myanmar Economical Bank is the only convenient bank.
There is no problem if we withdraw from ATM but they are not available in every city and everywhere.
There are only a few numbers.
The main problem is it can only withdraw from KBZ Bank only.
The only advantage is ATM can be used on closed days.
We want KBZ to add an option that can withdraw money from Myanmar Economic Banks as these banks are everywhere and every city.
So that will be convenient for small cities where there are no KBZ Banks.
The connections between the banks in Myanmar are weak.
They only service between their own banks, especially when we withdraw.
There are a few transfers with other banks.

There are four banks that connected with KBZ Bank: Siam Commercial Bank, Bangkok Bank, Kasikorn Bank and Krung Thai Bank.
If we want to transfer money from these banks, there are two ways: Worker Remittance and Commercial Remittance.

If we transfer by Worker Remittance, we need no bank account.
We only need the password when we withdraw money.
We can transfer by Worker Remittance at Siam Commercial Bank, Bangkok Bank and Krung but cannot transfer from Kasikorn Bank.

All these four banks can transfer by Commercial Remittance.
The withdrawer has to create an account at KBZ Bank.
The transferred money from Thailand will be going directly to the account.
The transfer has to know the Swift Code of KBZ Bank: KBZMMMY.
And the withdrawer’s names, NRC number, phone number, address and KBZ account number (Commercial Remittance) has to be filled.

KBZ Bank has the most branches of private banks.
KBZ transfers most of the local money transferring.
If the Myanmar workers in Thailand want to transfer money from Thailand without banks, there are lots of agencies which transfer money.
As those agencies have trustworthy guarantees for a limit, they are still opening now.
That is not sure if the money transfer card would work successfully.
As a disadvantage, the withdrawer has to create an account to withdraw.
People like to withdraw money conveniently and easily by only showing the NRC Card.
That is why we think that would be required to make some adjustments.