OWAY RIDE users are increasing! I tried listening to the OWAY RIDE driver in Myanmar

On the afternoon of May 7th (Sunday) I used the taxi dispatch service “OWAY RIDE”.
The driver Aung Ko Thu who took charge of my driving registered as Oway Ride driver about 5 months ago and started using the service.
In order to register, it was necessary to receive training on safe driving / service, he took 4 hours training once a day for three days and started using the service.

He says, “I did not get customers right from the beginning. When I start using (5 months ago), inquiries via OWAY RIDE are about 2 to 3 cases a day, mostly in a traditional negotiation. But as the days passed, the number of inquiries via OWAY RIDE has increased, and now there are about 10 to 15 rides through OWAY RIDE a day. ”

As I was impressed that the number of riding customers was quite large, when I asked about his business hours, he answered “I am driving a taxi almost every day for about 12 hours from 8 am to 10 pm.”
I understand that among the taxi drivers with high degrees of freedom, he is one of the drivers who are working diligently.

As I looked at his application, he was driving 706 times in OWAY RIDE in the past 5 months.
It will be calculated 140 times a month, 5 times per day.
In accordance with this, a conventional “ride by negotiation” is added.

Recently, the “ride by negotiation” has decreased to about 3 to 5 times a day, and the boarding ratio via “OWAY RIDE” seems to be rising.
“Considering a few months ahead, in the rainy season, the number of users of the service will increase, and in the long run, the number of users will definitely increase,” he said.
It is the shopping center and the office building that is the most popular destination and destination, and he seems to pick up customers in the Hledan district in many cases.

By the way, the initial fare is 1,500 MMK, 270 MMK is added every 1 km.
The driver needs to pay 10% of the income as a system usage fee of OWAY RIDE.
Even for drivers who are earning, even drivers who do not, their proportions will not change.

* It is an article based on a hearing from a driver in order to convey the contents of the original, and I want to add a point lacking in accuracy.

Image Source : https://www.facebook.com/owayride/