Shop Champion Program: A Competition for Business and Management Students

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I hope everyone knows the online shopping website named
It is a quite large one among online shops in Myanmar.
It has been established for long as well.
And it opens not only in Myanmar but also in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
Various personal and household products such as foods, clothing, electronics and IT products are available on this website. now is going to hold a competition for business and management university students in the country this month, aiming to provide them knowledge and experience on online shopping and management field. also held such competitions in Seri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal before. For this competition, details on how to compete and about the program were also explained in the discussions with students held at the National Management College, Mandalay Technological University, STI Myanmar University, WISE College and other top business schools last month.
Students who have been interested since then might have studied well for this.

In this competition, each three individuals will be formed into a group. The group format is convenient for the judges and the contestants will have enthusiasm because they will have collective powers and ideas. Questions about digital marketing, information technology, sales force, commercial and operation that students are going to answer will be posted on the website.
Contestants will be tested level and the top ten finalists will be competing, givingpresentation in front of the judges. The prizes are 2,000,000ks for first place, 1,000,000ks for the second and 500,000ks for the third place. And will interview and employ the students in the top ten groups. So, students in the final top ten groups can still expect chances to use their own talents and become permanent employees even if they missed the prizes.

Today is the time in which we buy and sell products solely via online shops.
It is time that online shops are making a success in Myanmar and are also sprouting all over the country.
And many people who don’t want to work outside are running small-scale online shops in joint with wholesale businesses in their reach.
Moreover, having numerous delivery services for small sized products enable them to send orders from all over the country safely in short days and it is good for all.

Among the succeeding online shops, in order to make your online shop invade the foreign markets and succeed, ideas, techniques and management need to be in line with the modern advanced standards. holds this competition with the aim of sharing these fundamental yet advanced prerequisites and providing experience and knowledge.
Therefore, we would like to encourage interested students from business and management universities to take part in this competition through which they will gain certain experience for the journey to their goals.