Technologies advancement and the role of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar

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It can be seen that the elected government of Myanmar is using more information and technologies due to the fact that technologies are advancing steadily nowadays. As people are keeping their eyes on the elected government through news and media about how the government is trying to keep up internationally, here are the internet web pages of the ministries of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar for their references.

Ministry Websites of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar

  1. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  1. Ministry of President’s Office
  1. Ministry of Home Affairs
  1. Ministry of Defence
  1. Ministry of Border Affairs
  1. State Counsellor Office
  1. Ministry of Information
  1. Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture
  1. Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation
  1. Ministry of Transport and Communications
  1. Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation
  1. Ministry of Electricity and Energy
  1. Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population
  1. Ministry of Industry
  1. Ministry of Commerce
  1. Ministry of Education
  1. Ministry of Health and Sports
  1. Ministry of Planning and Finance
  1. Ministry of Construction
  1. Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement
  1. Ministry of Hotels and Tourism
  1. Union Civil Service Board
  1. Office of the Auditor General of the Union
  1. Union Attorney General’s Office
  1. The Supreme Court of the Union
  1. Constitutional Tribunal of the Union of Myanmar
  1. Union Election Commission
  1. Ministry of Ethnic Affairs

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The following is the website of Myanmar President Office of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

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The webpage of the Myanmar President Office of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar can be viewed bilingually. The latest news about Myanmar President Office, the state counsellor, vice president (1) and vice president (2) are updated regularly. The page itself contains a variety of contents such as Letter to the President and Myanmar President Office Viber Public Chat through which the letters are sent directly to the president.

In addition, there are also Myanmar Government Web Directory, amendment of 2008 constitution of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and the resolution of land confiscation cases. The other contents contain Speeches and Remarks, Live Streams and Podcasts, and the Newspapers such as Myanma Alinn and The Mirror are also kept up-to-date for the viewer.

The previously published posts of the Myanmar President Office can be browsed anytime from Monthly Archive.

Civil Rights, Education, Health, Immigration, Environment, Rakhine State Affairs, Economy, Energy, Foreign Policy, National Security, Rural/Urban, Disaster and Public Service are input as the contents under Issues.

As technologies have pervaded world widely day by day, the attempt of the government trying to use modern communication technologies to inform public can be witnessed through the web. There are still more web pages of the ministries of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and those are to be presented later on.

Aung Kyaw Oo