New features added in Telegram

We’ve already been described about Telegram, Useful Telegram features (1) and (2), Telegram Bot (1), and (2). Now, we will share the new features that cover in the previous Telegram update.

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(1) Interactive Emoji

You can use animated emoji in 1-on-1 chats. You will see the full-screen effects while using the fire emoji. Below is a usable emojis and its video. Usable emojis


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(2) Themed QR Codes

Themed QR Codes can be created for any public username, group, channel, or bot on Telegram.

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(3) Translation

Added features also include Translation. At first, you need to enable the Show Translate Button in the language in Settings. Press and hold a message you want to translate and select the Translate button to translate.

(4) Spoilers

For those who want to spoil a new movie in a group where friends get together but if you don’t want them to see your message for those who have not seen it yet. You can select the text you want to spoil and select spoil.

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(5) Reactions

Messages can now be reacted in Telegram as well as Meta’s Messenger. You can use it in 1-on-1 chats. And admins can choose to enable reactions and pick which emoji may be used in their chats for groups and channels.