The newly released and popular Way Way Nay Application in February 2021

The Way Way Nay Application is one of the most popular applications today which was released in February 2021. This application is designed to address the current political situation in Myanmar.

It is an application for social punishment in Myanmar. It is said that more than 70,000 downloads in one day. The name of this application is Way Way Nay which is Myanmar words and directly named in English. The Current Version of the application is 2.0.9 and the last update was on March 7, 2021.  Photo Source

In the category of the application, it addresses the items and brands, 11 Banking and Finance, 4 Communication, 12 Construction, 12 Entertainment, 2 Education, 17 Hotel and Tourism, 34 Food and Drink, 21 Beverage, 10 restaurants, 14 Health and Beauty, 12 Hospital, 4 Estates of Offices, 9 Shipping, 7 Shopping, 10 Manufacturing, 11 Transportation, 3 Knowledge, 13 News and Media, 4 Automobile, 13 Sports, 2 Smoke and Cigarette, 5 Gold and Jewelry, 5 Distribution, and 3 Oil and Gas which should not be purchased. Photo Source

Myanmar Spring Heroes have also detailed names and photos. It also provided the list of people who will be subject to social punishment with pictures and historical records. And here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for CDM support.

(1) 21 Savage MM

(2) Funding 7# CD

(3) CRPH “CDM Supporting Team”

(4) We Support Heroes

(5) 2/2021 Ki Myal Thaw Lat Myr

(6) Yone Htwet So

(7) Connect 21


(9) CDM Support Magway

(10) Support to CDM Myanmar

(11) PiTi

(12) CDM Supporting “Shwe Pyi Thar”

(13) Thaton Support CDM Heroes

(14) We Pledge CDM

(15) Tachileik CDM Support

(16) Htoe Mont C Youth

(17) One-To-One CDM Campaign

(18) Tgi CDM Foundation

(19) CDM Supporting Keng Tung

(20)Boe Boe Aung

The application also provides news related to the Spring Revolution. Download from the following Play Store Link and through the iOs App Store