Lann Pya App which can help to solve legal issues

It will be much easier to face legal issues only when people in Myanmar fully understand the legal issues. It will work out well if you understand more about the human rights issues and also need to have a connection with the lawyers to solve if there is a case that you have to face.

In some way, it also has the benefit of understanding the legal issues such as labor rights and land laws which can have new ideas. To understand these contents, some people used to search from the literature. The application that I want to reveal is a mobile application that makes it easy to read legal issues on your phone in your free time.

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Lann Pya Application is a free application that can help Myanmar people to understand more about their citizen’s rights and the purpose of this app is to connect easily with the lawyers and organizations that can help you if you have issues. The purpose is to get information and to get help by contacting each other. Lann Pya App added basic rights, courts, lawyers, police stations, and aid organizations as a guide to search and contact easily for the people. This mobile application described step by step explanations on what to do about the issue and this is a beneficial Mobile Application. You can also connect with puzzles and other justices related to the external sources.

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Lann Pya Mobile Application the access of justice is a project, co-created by MyJustice and Koe Koe Tech. MyJustice, founded by the European Union, implemented by the British Council is meant to give conflict of fair, knowledge that can be solved by the equality of Law, trust, and opportunities. Koe Tech Co., Ltd that is a Myanmar IT Organization creates smartphone applications that help to solve the administration key issues such as health and law.

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You can read and like news such as justice and laws in the Lann Pya’s Newsfeed. You can read offline when you save in the saved place in the App. You can study your needs as it has many contents and how they deal with the problem if there is a problem. If you want to discuss this with the lawyer, you can seek the lawyer. Moreover, it can be contacted with the government office and it’s a worth studying application for the one who is facing the court. And you can even answer the intelligential test.

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