Free foreign language teaching pages that you should know

Those who want to learn a foreign language need to know where are free language teaching places are. And you can easily find the language you want to attend with a minimal fee. Here are some of the Facebook Pages that are currently sharing foreign language courses for free. Photo Source

(1) Easy Learning Japanese Language By Yamin

This page shares the Japanese Language as an online class with many video files on the page. Also focusing on teaching Japanese N5 level for free. Visit the following link.

(2) Future World Japanese Language Center

This page is also an online free page that teaches the Japanese Language with lecture videos. Visit the link below.

(3) Youth Community

This page shares free courses for speaking, writing, and basic class. English Learners should know this page. Check the following link. Photo Source

(4) JCK Language Center

This page teaches the Japanese Language in Facebook Group. Those who want to learn the Japanese Language should know this page. Visit the following link.

(5) Better Education

You will be able to learn Thai, Japan, Korea, and other foreign languages from this online free page. Check the following.

(6) Learn with SDLCers

The languages you can choose to learn on these pages are French, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, German, and Russian basic classes. Also online and allows you to learn in your spare time. Visit the following link.