(7) Free and useful resources websites for content creators, photo creators, and designers Part (3)

Here are some of the free resources websites for content creators, photo creators, and designers. Photo Source https://giphy.com/


GIPHY is a great choice if you want to create GIFs on your pages. GIPHY is one of the largest GIF sites on the internet platform and a popular tool. You can customize the length of the GIF and set the duration. Visit the following link.


(2) Shotsnapp

It will definitely be suitable for logo design. For those who are not comfortable using Photoshop, an online mockup tool, Shotsnapp can help you. Follow the Shotsnapp link, select your preferred phone model and other designs and pick a pre-shop screenshot. Then you will get ready-made mockup designs and download them and upload them to your business page. Check the link below.


(3) Screely

For those who want to use Windows frame-type mockup, Screely is a simple online editing tool. Click on the link below and you will be prompted to upload the first image you want to use. Once an image is uploaded, it will be displayed in Window Frame Type. Then you can choose your favorite frame type. Visit the following link.


(4) Screenpeek

Screenpeek is a link-based tool. To display your page as a mockup, simply enter the URL of the page and click Generate mockup. Once done, a mockup image will appear and available to use it. Check the following.

https://screenpeek.io/ Photo Source https://mockupsjar.com/

(5) MockupJar

If you want to create realistic mockups for websites, it is best to use MockupJar. However, the problem is that since the aspect ratio is not auto-generated, you will need to pre-draw the aspect ratio that will be included in your mockup. Packing designs and visual identity design mockups are also available. Visit the link for more.


(6) Mockup World

A great free source for sharing photorealistic mockups. As it is a PSD file and you can customize with layers. Once you have design projects for your business, you can easily customize them from Mockup World. Can also be used for app showcases and presentations. It also includes indirect links for artists, in order to convert it to a paid version by the original creator. Visit the following link.


(7) Noun Project

Sofya Polyakov, Edward Boatman, and Scott Thomas co-founded The Noun Project. Contains over two million free icons for designers around the world. Check the link below for more.


Letter Source – APN Contents Creation