Pandaing Map website supports education

Recently I decided to write the article about education and when I was looking at the web I saw one Facebook page.
The name of that Facebook page is Pandaing Map.
When I looked at the page, there were posts on education and quizzes that children seemed to be interested in.
But, because of few Like! and followers, I thought that it was short time to develop, and I examined more.

When I looked it up, I found a website of that page.

The website says, “Let’s search schools and classrooms now”.
I tried to listen in more detail, I called the telephone number written there, and said, “I’d like to write an article about the Pandaing Map” and they explained the details of Pandaing Map in detail.

Pandaing Map is a convenient website that allows children and young people to easily find the classes and obtain various information.

If children and young people are going to search the classes from Facebook, then they need to know the name of the classroom.
Besides, the school that appears in the search results may be far from their home.
Also, there are few schools that have detailed information, and you have to call or go directly to ask for information.
Pandaing Map solves such problems.
Pandaing Map website has detailed information on classrooms, places, classroom photos and so on, so you can learn more about classroom information you want to go.

Search method is easy. go to this link page and enter the conditions of the classroom you’d like, and search, so you can see schools in the neighborhood.
You can search by specifying the day and time, so you can search for schools that you can attend your own free time.
In addition, you can search by tuition fee, so you can search by the amount you can pay.
As I thought, as it is just started it still has a few schools, but if popularity comes out in the future, it will really be useful for educating children and young people.

For more information on PanDaing Map, please see below links.
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