Meter taxi will begin in Yangon from 1st April!

News emerged that Grab has bought the enterprise of Southeast Asia of UBER and the sound emerged that afraid of decreasing users depends on monopolization of Grab.

Moreover, it is announced that meter taxi will arrive in Yangon. This service will start from 1st April 2018.

It is calculated 30kyats per 1kilo when we take a meter taxi. For example, it is cheap as 3100 quarts per 5.9 kilos from Sakularwar to Myanmar Plaza. It is not calculated waiting time due to traffic in Yangon. It is advertised with the service [kilometer taxi]. This service is tested from the second week of March and the services are started from 1st April by putting stickers [kilometer] on150 taxis.

National Register, Family register certificate, Certificate of Vehicle Tax, Copy of driver’s license are needed in the Register of Drover and it is supervised for the safety of the customer. (Making Register is also recorded in Grab.) It has not announced that it will take inspection or not for car and driver.

We haven’t known that developed vehement of Grab by taking technology can stop or not. Though I am a Grab user, the reason why I like is that it is not needed to say place and a bargain, and for safety. The main fact is that it is free from bargaining before taking a taxi. But there is another trouble. Sometimes, we had to wait for taxi above 5 minutes to arrive on weekdays. Normally, air-con is switched on but we need to tolerate as there are bad taxis sometimes.

Waiting of customer will decrease by increasing Kilometer taxi and by trying to maintain the quality of car and driver and it can be overstepped used of Grab. Although Grab driver has promoted, 15% is needed to pay and it is not less.

There will be a good chance as the needs of the driver and customer are not perfect. Are there any taxis putting Logo of [kilometer]? Or are there many drivers who are watching on the phone consisting of green screen? I think there will be activities that are not more similar than now in the next 3 months.

Guest writer: Katsuragawa Yuki