UBER is managing Grab, Southeast Asia Enterprise Selling. The effectiveness in hiring a taxi of Myanmar is?

The big news is announced on 16th February about Grab and UBER that are competing with Taxi Hiring Service of Myanmar.

It is the news known through the speech of insider that [UBER is preparing to sell Southeast Asia Enterprise to Grab].

At the previous time, UBER sold china Enterprise in 2016 and Russia Enterprise in 2017 in parallel. Now, it is intended for the top of 2019 and we see that it is selling Enterprise effectively by forming the basis of the Enterprise.

Softbank Company of Japan is getting large investments, whatever these 2 companies. Softbank is making investment in car hiring service by making big investment in companies that are carrying out car hiring services in India and Brazil.

Making decision to sell at this time behind the back is because of the suggestion of Softbank. 15% of special share of UBER is prioritized to Softbank in the 1st month, 2018 and share is bought with $ 7.7 billion and 1.25 billion dollars are invested by only one. So, Softbank was the biggest shareholder of UBER and got power.

Softbank was invested share in Grab at the previous time. Softbank gets $ 250 million in 2014 and $ 7.5million in September, 2015 and in July, 2017; it gets $20million in corporation with China Enterprise. Two companies know Softbank gets many shares and cannot ignore the existence of Softbank.

Grab is carrying out to enhance enterprise in Myanmar and it is announced that [it will invest $1million in the next 3 years] in August, 2017.

A service of Grab bike is started from 2018 in Mandalay and the works are enhanced in Myanmar. It is near to the top of car hiring services by overstepping other companies including UBER in Yangon.

HelloCabs, OWAY RIDE, carrying out car hiring services before Grab and UBER, are attacked by technology and money.

Furthermore, if Grab could buy Southeast Asia Enterprise UBER, it may be the first place in Myanmar. At present, there are activities of Promotion about calling customer of Grab vs UBER and Taxi price is cheaper than before.

But, the condition of Grab is not very running and Taxi price can be increased. Not to be so, we need to wish.

Grab expended enterprises in Cambodia in December, 2017 and now, it is servicing 156 towns in 8 Southeast Asian countries. App with total 2.1 million Drivers is over 72 million downloads. Though Grab Enterprise is in 65 towns in July, 2017, we see it is developed vehemently during the half of the year.

Though car hiring condition in Southeast Asia is $25million in 2015, there is a data that it is expected to try to be $131million in 2025.

Guest writer: Katsuragawa Yuki