Handle of Images from internet

There are many mages about characters, cartoons, actors, games and Logo in internet and it is useful easily as we can save easily our favorite image from it. Images are the things done by maker hardly and there will be copyright after doing image.

At present, there may be using images found in internet for ourselves and uploading on SNS such as Site, Facebook, and Twitter. But, if images are saved as Copyright and we use image done by other without reason, it will be a usage without permission.

I introduce to the following handle of images to prevent using without permission when we may not care.

  1. [Permitted image to reuse] Searching

If a little fact is emerged after searching at Search engine, we will search permitted image to reuse.


After searching image, we will choose [permitted image to reuse after amending] in License from Tool and will use emerged images.

After sea

After searching image, we will choose [amending free, sharing, or reusing] or [sharing after amending free, using according to economy] from License and will use emerged images.

 Using Creative Commons License (CC license)


1 way introduced above is mixed with unpermitted images to use. In CC, if we give the reason to be satisfied for maker, we can use image without implication of permission.
・Creative Commons

Specific facts about CC license are uploaded in this Site. CC license is offered.

3.Using Public domain

Public domain is the images of unnamed maker and unpermitted image. We can do reusing, amending using according to economy.

  1. Self-making Image

The best way is using image taken and written by self. Though it is busy, it is own thing that can be likely used as it is the image make by self and it is not needed to ask for permission. But, if we take sample image trace (it is called drawing photos), images by drawing photos taken by other as a sample, License image may be saved. We need to get permission of copyright. Screenshot is not good for us to use as it has almost all copyright.

Though there are permissions of images from internet, they are made by other and when we use them, it will be the position of hiring from maker. Thus, it is good to write Source brought by the name of maker although there is no reason to use. Though there are many facts that are not reminded, we should take images carefully as image is the thing made by other people.