Global POS Software, the needs of sale control system for the stores

Global POS (Point Of Sale Software) is sale software that is easy to use for Retail Stores, Phone and Computer Stores, Restaurants, Fashion Stores, and Businesses.

Global POS is software that controls the sale lists, debts and the balance lists of the Company and Retail Businesses. Local-Global Wave Technology Company start published the Global POS in 2012 and over 400 customers are using so far. Global POS is usable in every business which needs to take Sale Invoice, Receipt, Bill, and Voucher.

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Regular Functions of the Global POS are sale, purchase, debt, and the remaining products and the performance of Unit Composition, Attributes, and assemble also. Unit Composition is a control system of Box, Packing, and Pcs of products. You can watch the sale price of each Box, and Pcs and the remaining products of each Box and Pcs. (For example, it means viss, tical, kite, htwar, box, and dozen) Attributes are a detail identifies action to the products. There are two parts of Attribute, Simple Attribute, and Unique Attribute. A simple Attribute is that you can control size and colors. (For example, it means you will know the remaining Large Size and Small Size Black Color clothes instead of using the remaining word. And Unique Attribute is a control system to Serial No, and ESN No. (For example, it means it can be controlled which Serial No, and ESN No are bought and sold instead of using the remaining word detail.)

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By using Assemble to sell a product, you can control the remaining products of its raw materials. (For example, the remaining number will be reduced automatically when a meal, a drink, a meat, a present basket is being sold.)

Sale Functions can be connected with tablet and you can take the pending bill by your category. It will be more useful for businesses that are needed to note which tables and rooms are free or not. Expense and Income can be noted in Global POS daily and the users can customize Invoice and Voucher Template if necessary as it has its customized features.

It is more secure as it can fix, delete, and control the user levels such as Administrator, Manager, Account, and Cashier. It can use both Myanmar and the English language and you can change the words that suit your own business. You can even know notification such as Reorder, Over Balance, Expire and Debt and it is more secure as it has Auto Backup System for Data Security. There are many useful features.

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You can watch sales report daily, monthly, yearly and even watch the debt list, the remaining product list, and Expense, Income Report, FIFO Report, Profit and Loss Report, and Net Profit Report. It will cost 300,000mmk for the Global POS Server and it will cost 100,00mmk for every additional client device. You don’t need to pay the monthly and yearly fees. PC Computer or Laptop with Processor i3, Memory 4GB at least is needed essentially. Global POS has the function to connect common TSC barcode printers to create custom barcode as some products have Original Barcode and some don’t have.

If you want to buy devices by yourselves, Global POS will advise and you can also buy from Global POS. Training One Course for 3hours per day for 2 days will be offered for the customer who bought the Global POS. 2 months free service will be given to the customer who bought the Global POS as a Service. If the service period is over, the phone or service technician himself will give the best service at a reasonable price.

Global POS will come and train with the best rates if you want to buy from Yangon and Mandalay.

If you want to know the detail of Global POS, check the link below.