AIMT launches Web Development and Design Course (On Job Training Internship) Online Class

The Web Development Course run by AIMT will provide detailed training for those who want to become a Web Developer from basic to entry level Professional. In addition, you will be able to design any website by using the latest tools & technologies.

After the course, you will be able to take a two-month internship at a training IT company affiliated with the course, and upon completion of the on-job training, and you will receive a certificate after the on job training. After completing the training and on job training, you will be able to submit your CV to get jobs in local and foreign IT companies. Photo Source

This course is especially suitable for those who should attend this training are those who want to master Web Development to Professional level and who want to start an IT business related to Web Development.

You will be able to create Portfolio Websites, E-commerce Websites, Educational Websites, Media Websites, and creating Webapps, Responsive Design, FULL STACK DEVELOPER (Front-end, Back-end, Database) professionally, creating UI/UX, and you will be able to stand as a Junior Developer.

During the training and on job training, more than 15 projects were implemented in HTML5, CSS3 Bootstrap 4, Java script ES6, PHP, jQuery, Laravel, Framework, APIs, in addition to SQL, and many other tools & technologies will be taught in detail.

The training fee is 150,000 kyats and the training period is 3 months + On Job Training 2 months. Those who want to attend will be able to arrange it at their convenience. The course can be attended in person or online. The training will be carried out in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Health for the prevention of Covid-19. Photo Source

If you attend the course, we are planning to take your body temperature, hand washing and disinfection during entry and exit the class, installation of Face Mask, and Shield, Wear Gloves, 3 to 6 feet apart seats, and rooms, tables and chairs should be disinfected to minimize contact. The first five trainees will receive a 20% discount of 30,000 kyats.

Contact the following numbers or visit the following Facebook Link for more information.

Phone : 09 940777985, 09963735844, 09752957965
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