(5) Best AI Video Generators You Should Try

In the field of content, content or copy writing, design, great result in engagements and reach are key requirements to succeed in a business while video content plays an important role as well in content strategy. According to the reports, 80% of online traffic is video traffic these days. As the number of users increases, the importance of online content is gradually increasing.

Video content is the most effective when it comes to organic reach and to get more reach on social media networks. Moreover, videos can save time and are more interesting than reading long contents.

In this age of technology, AI can now create photos, create writing text, and have reached the level of creating videos. Here are the best 5 AI Video Generators for readers.


(1) Pictory

Pictory is an AI Video Generator that can generate high-quality videos. No video editing related knowledge is required for users since they are AI Video Generators. Users can be able to create videos by providing text or script for video.


(2) Synthesia

Synthesia AI Video Generator will create videos in conjunction with AI Avatar. More than 60 language and various templates as well as screen recorder, media library and other features are available on Synthesia platform. Equipment fr video recording, location and other costs will be reduce by using synthesia. Synthesia is quite convenient to use as users can create videos with just a click of a button. Plus, more than 70 AI Avatars, with more than 60 languges and templates are also available to use.


(3) Deepbrain AI

Deepbrain AI Tool is another AI video generator that can easily create videos by typing text. You can create scripts and use the Text-to-speech feature to create video no more less than 5 minutes. Deepbrain AI has custom-made AI avatars suitable for your business. In addition to functions that make it easy for beginners to use, it can also provide other functions.

(4) Synthesys

Another AI Video Generator is Synthesys, which is a leading company that develops Text-to-voice-over and video that are commercial use. The company uses Text-to-Video (TTV) technology in Synthesys to convert scripts to video.

Unlike other platforms, Synthesys includes 74 humatars and 66+ language as well as 254 designs.


(5) Elai.io

Elai.io is also an AI Video Generator Tool that allows users to convert and create videos from text which has over 60 languages and 25 avatars to choose from. You can use your favorite presenter from library and can even request for a personal avatar.