The 8th Developer Conference 2019 will be hosted by Myanmar Computer Professionals Association

The 8th Annual Developer Conference since 2011 will be hosted by Myanmar Computer Professionals Association on January 21st and 22nd, 2019 at Myanmar Information & Communication Technology Park (MICT Park), Hlaing University Campus, Yangon. Photo Source –

Developer Conference (DevCon) is an annual conference of discussing knowledge, Techniques and latest technology by Professionals, Businessmen, Computer and IT schools, Professors from Universities, Teacher, Students from the fields of Computer, Software, Networking and IT in Yangon and around the nationwide, Myanmar Scholar abroad, and Experts from foreign Universities.

It is an event of discussion the experts’ new methods they tested, knowledge, and tips to keep up the world with the change of an era, open politics, Business, Market, and technologies for two days in the capital of Myanmar’s commercial city, Yangon. Photo Source –

As the upcoming trends in Developer Conference 2019, Technologies such as (Cloud, Virtualization, Docker, XaaS, Apps, Bots), Experience/Case Studies, Security, Software development and languages, Business side of software, UI/UX and other software related topics among (Data Science, Blockchain, Quantum Computing, loT, AI, AR, VR), Current Technologies will be presented by experts working in the market.

Any sizes of tech companies from local and International are actively supporting for Developer Conference and gifts and lunches will be provided for attendees. Those who want to attend will also be able to register and purchase tickets and Pre-match tickets will be sold for 15,000 MMK and 20.000 MMK will cost on the event day. Photo Source –

The available places to buy tickets are (MCPA Office – Building (9), Ground Floor, MICT Park, Hlaing Campus), (GUSTO Collage – No. 289 (A), Pyay Road, Sanchaung Township), (KMD Center 1 – No. 331, Pyay Street, Myanegone, Sanchaung Township), (KMD Center 2 –Building No. (30/31), Insein Road, Kamaryut Township), (Micro Computer – No. 143, Ground Floor, 46 Street, Upper Block, Botahaung Township), (Kanaung Hub – Building 14, 5th Floor, MICT Park, Hlaing Township), Computer University and Technological University.

The official website of Developer Conference is as follow and check the detail information in the link below.

To contact for detail information, contact MCPA OFFICE 652276, and 09 5067168