SAFE CITIES, a mobile application for reporting emergencies and about your surroundings

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I would like to describe about a mobile app, useful for community amendment, named Safe Cities which are arranged and developed by Actionaid Myanmar. This application was launched by Actionaid Myanmar in early June. At the launching ceremony, the officials gave speeches and said that the app is mainly aimed at helping create a safety for women.

But in practice, will mobile applications work well in helping women safe in their daily activities?
In realistic thinking, it is hard to guarantee the safety of women in their daily life activities.
The most fundamental needs are rule of law, enough man power in patrolling and security.
And everyone knows that what we have now doesn’t meet what it is required for those facts.

As described above, though this application doesn’t include special features that can provide enough help for the safety of women, it does have a valuable direction. That is, you can report for amending and upgrading your surroundings with it. And phone number for emergencies are listed location by location and township by township, including contacts to police stations, fire brigades, NGOs, CSOs and government offices.
Thus, any violence and inappropriate issues occurred in your surroundings or ward can easily be reported to the administration office or respective offices.
All there is left is that the responsible bodies have to take action for the issues within the timeline.

I will continue to mention the main purpose of the application.
That is to inform or report about the things in your surroundings that need to be fixed or taken action.
The developer of the app, Actionaid Myanmar, also is an NGO which is working actively for women’s affairs and with their voices, it is believed to be able to push the officials take actions that they should.
If that goes well, this application can be regarded as a valuable action.
We people also have to actively participate in the process aiming for the sake of our society.

Therefore, let us convince you to report details about things in your surroundings such as damages of the roads, drainage systems, violence and environmental impacts by certain individuals or groups, harms and personal attacks, etc. via this Safe Cities app.
If so, we can live in a peaceful and developing atmosphere.

To use this application, you have to log in with Facebook or Google+ account.
It has four features;
1. Report the status of your surrounding
2. Emergency contacts
3. Facts to know
4. Rate the organizations

(1) Report the status of your surrounding
to write reports about the things in your surroundings needed to be changed, replaced or taken actions by the respective bodies or by the law.
(2) Emergency contacts
For individuals or for the whole community, in case of emergency or danger, to make calls to the offices and NGOs directly.
(3) Facts to know
Especially criminal laws, educating literatures, cartoons, mp3 and videos.
(4) Rate the organizations
To rate the organizations based on their responses to the reports and actions they take.

Currently, Safe Cities are only available for Android phones. The iOS version will soon be released. To download it, you must type in the search bar on the Google Play Store as “Safe Cities“. You will not find this app if you put a space between “Safe” and “Cities”. We have presented this article to you convincing to participate in creating a safer and more developed community.