Call Me Today Application to test mental health under the guidelines of mental health professionals

The Call Me Today application is the first free call service in Myanmar to relieve stress. Anyone can make a free call from 5 pm to 11 pm for their mental health support.

The advantages of the app are that you can receive mental health consulting services offline under the guidelines of mental health professionals, mental health and counseling professionals as well as tips to learn about mental health, testing your mental health and you will also be able to directly take consult with experts. The app is available in English and Myanmar language.

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The purpose of the service is to alleviate stress in a stressful environment, especially for depressed and lonely people. The call Me Today app was launched in June 2018.

For the privacy of the application, it will not save the users’ information and allow users to use it freely. The app can be shared with Zapya or Bluetooth for those who can not access the internet.

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