Chatbot features and names to learn

Chatbots can be defined as a Computer Program that simulates human conversations. They are also known as digital assistants that understand human capabilities. Micheal Mauldin start founded Chatterbot and was renamed as Chatbot in 1994.

Chatbots work by analyzing and identifying the intent of the user’s request to extract relevant entities. With this growing social media presence, we will not be able to reply to every customer through Messenger. In this case, Chatbots have become quite useful.

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Mainly, there are three types of Chatbot.

Rule-based Chatbots

Rule-based Chatbots are one of the simplest forms of Chatbot. The program will start active after the user clicks the button, the predefined options will fall into place and allow them to interact with each other. The relevant answers to choose need to make for the bot. Although it is one of the most common types of Chatbot, this kind of Bot will take time to explain the users’ needs.

IVA Chatbot

IVA Chatbot is a type of Intellectually Independent Chatbot form which can collect the users’ request and data and do Machine Learning (ML). ML is a computer feature that can recognize data by itself and be as thoughtful as human beings. Intellectually Independent Chatbot is a trained bot that recognizes and responds by learning its keywords and phrases. For example, when the user sends “I have a problem with logging into my account”, the bot understand the key words “problem”, “logging”, “account” and will give the closet answer of these words.

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AI-powered Chatbots

AI-powered Chatbot is a combination of the advantages of the Rule-based and intellectually Independent Chatbots. Artificial Intelligence is an imitation of human intelligence. AI-powered Chatbots understand the users’ language and know how to solve the users’ problems. They record the user’s words and interests. These kinds of Chatbot can do Machine Learning (ML) and understand Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP is a computer feature that can answer with the human language by understanding their language and responding with an understandable relevant answer.

Chatbots can be used for voice and text messaging in Websites, Applications, and Social Apps like Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and WhatsApp. In business processes, Chatbots can help in communicating individually with the customer. This is also useful in this age of advancement and Chatbot is a very useful technology for business and customer interactions.